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7 Most Popular AOV META Heroes That Often Appear In Tournaments

Are you regular players of the Arena Of Valor MOBA game made by Garena? And you have reached diamond rank and above or maybe you are heading there? So surely you will be familiar with the names of heroes who are often played in this mobile game.

Well, this time we have summarized 7 Heroes that you need to try to use because these heroes are very popular and are often used by Pro players in AOV tournaments. In fact, in the end, they are often banned by opposing teams so that the match is more balanced. Curious? here are the 7 heroes:

1.    Supermansuperman

This hero is one of the DC characters that is used quite a lot because it has abilities and skills up to the ultimate above average which can be very difficult for the enemy. Entering the Warrior and Tank roles, Superman has a total of 6 skills which are divided into 3 skills when Superman is walking, and 3 other skills when Superman is flying. His 1st skill called “Kryptonian Strength” in walking mode shoots ice breath, and in-flight mode shoots lasers from his eyes. The second skill titled "Man Of Steel" in walking mode will free himself from the enemy's Control Effect and increase Superman's movement significantly, while in flying mode Superman will hit the ground which will repulse the enemy. Now for skill 3 aka ultimate called "Speeding Bullet", when walking normally Superman will exert his maximum potential which increases his energy charge speed by 100% for 10 seconds, and in-flight mode Superman will hit the enemy, repulse, and also increase his energy charge speed as well. Because of this, in many AOV pro player competitions, this hero called The Man Of Steel is often banned so that the enemy cannot use it.

2.    Murad

Murad is a karate hero who is definitely well known among Arena Of Valor gamers. This hero who falls into the Assassin/Warrior category is known for his abilities and skills that are above average. Murad's passive skill will unseal Temporal Turbulence for 5 seconds and Murad's fourth normal attack for 3 seconds will inflict 5% Attack Damage on the enemy.

Murad's first skill called "Thorn of Time" will make Murad jump forward dealing damage and stunning the enemy and can return to the initial location he jumped. Murad's second skill is called "Another Dimension" which causes space and time distortion, stuns the enemy, inflicts damage, reduces the target's armor, and at that moment Murad cannot be targeted or attacked by the enemy. In his third aka ultimate skill called "Temporal Turbulence", Murad will launch 5 attacks on enemy heroes in the target area that inflict damage while getting life steals. When this ultimate is launched, Murad cannot be attacked by enemies. Well, with his abilities like that, Murad is a subscription hero who is often banned by enemies in AOV competitions.

3.    Violet

Violet is an archer hero with a gun. Violet's passive skill is "Reload", where her normal attack will reduce the cooldown time of the other skill by 0.5 seconds. The other skill called "Tactical Fire" will make Violet roll over, increase her normal attack and deal damage in a straight line. After attacking, the additional range can be used once again, and this skill also produces 50% movement speed for 2 seconds if there are enemy heroes around. Violet's 2nd skill titled "Fire in the Hole" allows Violet to throw bombs, deal damage to enemies within range, and slow enemy movements by 90% for 1 second. Violet's ultimate is called "Concussive Rounds", where Violet shoots enemies within her range and causes massive physics damage.

4. Maloch

Maloch is known to have very painful damage because his passive skill called "Plunder" will make normal attacks with his sword produce 170 True Damage, not Physical Damage. The other skill is called "Cleave", where Maloch will swing his sword and do physical damage, if the sword hits the opponent, the sword will cast a spell which will eventually turn into True Damage and restore Maloch's HP from 6% to 24% per hit hero. Maloch's second skill is called "Souleater" which functions to snatch the spirits of surrounding enemies, inflicting a little damage and reducing the enemy's movement by 30% for 3 seconds, plus also getting a shield and absorbing up to 800 damage received using 4 spirits. Ultimate Maloch is called "Shock", will fly and stab the enemy from above which makes enemies around Maloch's landing location knocked back and inflict 420 physical damage, besides that it will also slow down the enemy's movement at the location where Maloch landed. Yes, Maloch seems to be a Hero Warrior/Tank who has always been the first choice for every AOV player.

5.    Thane

Thane is one of the Tank/Warrior heroes and at the same time can act as an Observer which is enough to determine victory and defeat in a team. Thane is known to have a very strong physique in his role as a Tanker, it is not easy to kill Thane, and this makes AOV players often choose Thane to play.

Thane's passive skill is called "Royal Power", which if Thane's HP drops below 30% he will recover 24% of his maximum HP for 2 seconds with a cooldown of 75 seconds. Thane's first skill is titled "Valiant Charge", Thane will run and push the enemy in the desired direction, and inflict physical damage of 60. Thane's second skill (Avalon's Fury) makes Thane stab himself and his sword into the ground, flying the enemy, causing 200 physical damage and slowing enemy movement by 90% for 2 seconds. Thane's ultimate is named "Excalibur", where Thane charges up in a short time and then slashes his sword with a cone-shaped area so that it deals 500 True Damage and 15% physical damage from the target's lost HP. Thane also gets a 20% damage reduction and can't be bothered while charging for this Ulti. That's why Thane is still one of the Hero Tanks who auto-pick, especially in a tournament match.

6. Lauriel

This hero Mage or magic-user is one of the 4 archangels who guard the Temple of Light besides Wukong, Yorn, and Xeniel. This hero nicknamed The Archangel is a Mage/Assassin type hero. His passive skill is "Divine Punishment", where enemies hit by Lauriel's skill will receive a special mark on his head, every 4 marks will trigger an explosion, restore 110 health to himself and inflict 160 True Damage, and reduce 90% of enemy movement for 1 second. Luriel's first skill is called "The Wheel", where Lauriel summons holy light, inflicting 215 Magic Damage on the enemy, the arrow of the path of light that is created will also cause the same amount of magic damage. "Blink" is Lauriel's second skill, where Lauriel will flap his wings and lunge at the same time.

Lauriel also summons 3 additional wings to attack surrounding enemies with a Magic Damage of 175. Meanwhile, Lauriel's Ulti named "Smite" will create a large glowing circle that lasts for 12 seconds, dealing Magic Damage of 210 both when the circle appears or disappears. In addition, it also reduces the cooldown time of skill 1 and skill 2 when Lauriel is in the circle. Those were all Lauriel's skills and ultimates that made him a Hero Mage who is often the main choice of AOV players to fill magic slots in their team.

7. Chaugnar

Chaugnar is a Support/Tank Hero who also has the magic ability to become a Mage. Chaugnar's passive skill (Void Cleanse) is when using skill 1, Chaugnar will have the energy to remove all control effects, reduce damage suffered by 10%, and increase movement by 20% for 2 seconds. The other skill entitled "Energy Surge" Chaugnar will shoot out a wave of energy in the form of a water wave that causes 375 Magic Damage to the enemy and slows the enemy's movement by 50% for 2 seconds. Chaugnar's second skill is called "Shock Wave", where he will stomp his body and tusks which deals 275 Magic Damage to all enemies around him.

The damage increases by 30% for each hit and can be stacked a maximum of 2 times and also reduces the cooldown of the other skill by 1 second. Ultimate Chaugnar has the title "Chaos Protection", where Chaugnar will create a kind of large ice wall that can remove all control effects on his friends, make his friends immune to the next control effect, and receive reduced damage that hits them. This ult also increases the movement of Chaugnar and his friends around him. This buff lasts for half a second for allies and 3 seconds for himself. Cooldown skill 2 will also decrease and don't spend 6 seconds of siphon mana during this ulti.

So, those were the 7 heroes that you should try to use because these heroes are very popular and often used by Pro players in AOV tournaments. Using these heroes does not always guarantee you will win every match. There are many more important factors such as understanding and cooperation between your team members, your own skills in playing the hero. How? Want to immediately try the heroes above? Immediately play your hero and be the winner!

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