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5 Favorite Heroes in Mobile Legends

favorite hero

Today I will definitely give you a very useful review. This time I will definitely review Mobile Legends again and what is it?. So here are 5 favorite Mobile Legends heroes in ranked mode. Of course, if you play this mobile legends game, you will definitely have your favorite Hero. Now, because if you play in this moba game, it’s definitely in one game, you will get Ranked Mode. Of course, the players have to give in and use a hero they don’t like. or not the favorite of their heroes.
This time, I will give information about 5 favorite heroes in ranked mode, check this out!

1. Chou

chou mlbb

So who doesn’t know this Hero Chou. Chou is one of the most frequently used Fighter Heroes in Ranked Mode matches. So most of these Mobile Legend players choose to use defends items for this one hero. This Chou hero can act as a Tanker too, guys! so he is not only a hero fighter and he can also be a kidnapper tanker too. Now one of his skills “The Way of Dragon” can kidnap the opponent’s hero and cause a knockback effect to and throw the opponent into the air to give an additional knockback effect so that the enemy cannot move and is very useful for starting a war and also protecting teammates her while running away. This Chou Hero also has a Shunpo Skill that is immune to crowd control effects when used and can also run faster, making it easier to escape from enemies who are chasing him.

2. Khufra

khufra mlbb

Khufra…khufra, Well this tanker hero is one of the most annoying heroes and is always chosen in Ranked Mode, he’s the most favorite in Ranked Mode, right. Because of the superiority of Khufra, he has the Bounce Ball skill which is able to cancel the enemy’s skills and can protect friends from being chased by the enemy. you can use the advantages correctly and clearly. Now besides that the ultimate skill of the Hero Khufra can pull all the opponent’s targets around him towards the front, if the opponent is knocked into the wall it will cause a stun effect. Wow, that’s amazing, so besides being able to counter enemy heroes, he can also help his friends too.

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3. Valir

valir mlbb

So, who doesn’t know this hero? This magician hero is one of the favorite Hero Mobile Legends in Ranked Mode because apart from acting as a Mage. Now this Mage, he can also support his team by giving flames to his opponents. Valir himself does not have too high damage but he is often used to use other team members during war. So he’s rich, you can say he’s a support Hero too. Hero Valir is also not too difficult to play, so he is one of the most frequently used heroes in Ranked Mode because this time he can be said to be suprime support so he is very easy to use.

4. Ling

ling mlbb

Ling, ling, well, this is one of the favorite Assassin Heroes by Mobile Legends players because he has deadly damage. So, because he’s tough, it’s cool so he’s not like Valir, who is easy to play. So you have to be really pro to play this Ling hero. The first skill played by the hero Ling is a skill that jumps towards the specified wall and can be roomed quickly to help the team. So if you want to use this hero, be careful, because in the early game the energy runs out quickly. However, in the late game, the opponents will be consumed little by little because they choose very high critical damage. Wow, it’s dangerous, well, it’s not uncommon for players to use this skill to escape. The second skill he has can stab the closest opponent at his destination. So, apart from having enough damage that can be scary for your opponent, he also has a fast running skill. While the ultimate skill can knock the opponent out for a few seconds so this can also be a good initiator in a war, wow that’s great!. So it really depends on you who play each hero, even if it’s also difficult or easy, even if you don’t know how to use the hero correctly and clearly it’s going to be a lie.

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5. Grock

grock mlbb

This Grock Hero is a Tanker Hero that is quite often used in Ranked Mode as well, of course, because one of the reasons many people use this Grock is because it’s barbaric and not too difficult to play, like Valir means well. If players use this grock well, it is very useful in both offense and defense. So if you know that’s why I said how smart or smart each hero is, what are the pluses and minuses of each hero. This condition is caused because the first skill possessed by grock can do damage and if you also use this skill near a wall, grock will be immune to crowd control effects and the second skill can also be used to escape by creating a wall as a barrier for enemy, wow that’s amazing too. It’s not too difficult to play, then the skills are also very useful. Meanwhile, Grock’s ultimate skill can be used as an enemy hero counter when using skills and also dealing damage and if using this skill hits a turret or wall, it will reduce the cooldown of this skill.

Those were the 5 most favorite heroes played in Ranked Mode, hopefully if you get this Hero you might be able to use skills properly and correctly so you can fight against the enemy, basically if you play the 5 heroes I mentioned, you must finally be smart – good at playing it. Hope it is useful.

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