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5 Tips So You Don't Always Lose Playing Mobile Legend

Tips for Playing Mobile Legends

Now, I will give very important information for those of you who often ask “Brother, why do I often lose when playing Ranked Mobile Legends?” Come on, why?
Well, I will give you 5 tips that you should know and hopefully you can use when you play Mobile Legends. Every time you play Mobile Legends, most of you lose even if it drops drastically, you must be really bored with it. I already know, because at first I was rich as well and wanted to keep playing until I won for sure. Well, his name is also human and he is always dissatisfied, even though his own abilities can be said to be above average. How do you make it easier to get a win in Ranked Mode. Here I give 5 tips so that you don’t always lose playing in the rankings.

1. Tips for playing with trusted friends
Well, usually when we play randomly with other Team players and we don’t know, well we don’t know if he wants to knock us down or what. The reason that often happens when you lose is playing with random players. Well, what I said earlier is that you don’t know anything at all and don’t know their playing abilities for sure. If you are lucky enough maybe you will meet strong players who can bring your team to victory. But if you’re unlucky, it’s really bad luck that you might get players who are not good at playing. You meet a lot of players who are not good at it, you will often find selfish players who don’t want to use the hero that is needed. For example, if the team already uses Mage while the selfish player still wants to use Mage, it’s unlucky. In fact, there is only one mage if you want to create a balanced team. That’s why it’s recommended to play with friends you know and trust that’s the point.

2. The second tip is to make sure the connection is smooth
Which I see very often. If the connection is one of the factors that makes us lose when playing Ranked, of course. When the ping (signal) shows red color, it is recommended to move to a location that has a faster connection. If you already have red signs, then quickly find a good signal or use Wifi. In the MOBA game, a few seconds of disconnection will greatly affect the exact outcome of the match. A 4G connection is a must to play Ranked, of course, if you use cellular, yes, if you don’t want to suffer, because they were massacred by the opposing team.

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3. The third tip Expand Communication
Now this is what’s important, those who often lose usually don’t communicate often with their teammates. If you play side by side with friends, it will be very easy to communicate, of course, because you only need to speak slowly without typing. So in Mobile Legends, apart from you playing, you can type while typing. The problem is when you play with people you don’t know. Well here it is! If you’re lucky, you’ll meet smart players who already know what to do without being told for sure. But yes, if you are unlucky, you will meet people who are map blind, sorry for you who have to keep telling about the condition of other teammates and the location of the enemy. So communication is very important to launch the missions that you build in the player team and so that you can get victory.

4. The Fourth Tip Don’t War Before Winning Level
Here, don’t go to war before you win. Level guys!. If you are confused, why is the enemy hero so quick to finish off your friend’s hero? If you pay close attention, you will see the level difference they have quite a bit. Why can the opponent’s hero increase the level quickly? That’s because they are always Farming Monster Jungle so that the level or Gold can be increased quickly and because of that it is advisable to farm as much as possible before you are sure you are strong enough to fight or not. The first hero to reach level 15 will not be afraid to advance to the opponent’s territory because he believes he can win one-on-one Battles for sure. So it’s like you feel arrogant, right, he’s already level 15, it’s really easy for you to finish like that.

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5. The fifth tip Pay attention to your own toys
Of all the tips above, this is probably the most important. If you don’t play with ordinary skills yourself, all of that will be in vain if you don’t pay attention to your own game. Make sure you use a hero who is really really good at it. You must be able to master the skills of the hero. There is no such thing as a try – try a hero in the main ranking. So maybe it’s early to play or you’re trying to play Mobile Legends, you can try some heroes but if you want to play in Ranked Mobile Legends, there’s no such thing as trying heroes because you become a burden on the team. You and your teammates can win in that game.

Those are tips for you guys to win or why you always lose in Ranked Mobile Legends and Hopefully Helpful for you.

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