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Guide Hero Alucard King Of Lifesteal

This time I will give you information about the Mobile Legends hero for sure. So, I will give you the Alucard Item Guide: Eternal Life and Invincibility!
This hero has the ability to increase Life still up to 100%! This allows Alucard to return his dying HP back to full. Wooowww!!!
Of course, to be able to do this, Alucard also needs items that are suitable and appropriate. Therefore I will give Alucard Mobile Legends Guide Items to be able to live eternally and be invincible in war.

Alucard mlbb

Hero Alucard’s game is quite simple actually, by removing his abilities, he can always approach his enemies quickly and nimbly. In addition, he also includes a hero who is very fast in farming at the beginning of the player. That makes Alucard a scary Hero Carry. So he is a hero who is feared a lot and to find out what items are suitable for use by this Alucard Hero, see the Alucard Mobile Legends item guide which I will discuss this time.

Warrior Boots
Well, the first item in the Alucard Mobile Giude Item is Warrior Boots, these items are armor shoes that can increase physical defense and also increase movement speed for alucard. Shoes that add armor can further harden themselves from physical attacks by the enemy, of course this is Boots. In this fight against the enemy team, you are expected to last longer and be able to attack while lifesteal the enemy if you manage to bring out your ultimate. You can attack HP very drastically even if the enemy is gathered, you can restore 1/2 your HP with one hit! Beh, your HP is full.

Endless Battle
The second item in the Alucard Mobile Legends Item Guide is Endless Battle, Items that support the abilities of Alucard’s hero, of course, with this item Alucard will get physical lifesteal which is very important for carry heroes like this Alucard. In addition, Endless battles also Physical, HP, additional Cooldown Reduction, and passive can provide additional physical attacks as true damage. Items that must be owned by carry heroes like Alucard, guys. So with the help of this item, Alucard can do farming in the forest or recover HP by attacking creeps in the forest.

Blade of Despair

BOD…! BOD….!!!! With this third item, Alucard can give high physical damage to the opponent. It makes Alucard can easily kill him. If Alucard meets an opponent whose HP is low, this item will increase additional physical attacks to Alucard so that Alucard can be feared by opponents in the match.

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Berserker’s Fury
Woowww Well, the fourth item of damage that is very mandatory for you to buy is because it can increase the very high critical damage results from the Hero guys! With this item Alucard can produce critical damage and it also makes Alucard able to attack high HP as well, of course. So you will get a dying HP return to full again so that your Alucard will become eternally alive and invincible, Wow, this is the point

Queen’s Wings
Now, the fifth item of high defense and high Lifesteal is not enough to become an invincible hero for sure guys!. If you still need defense and lifestell, of course you can get it through this Queen’s Wings Item. With that, you will become a very deadly hero in all aspects of physical attacks, starting from Physical Attack, Critical damage, Item defece and also lifesteal of course. wooowww!


This sixth item is the last item that is no less important, of course, because with this item you can rise again after being defeated. So this item is also clearly mandatory to use to provide additional HP and physical defense. You can buy Immortality as the last item to buy because this is also just in case when you are mukil or lust for an enemy whose HP is dying and or is ganked by the enemy. Most Mobile Legends players are also a little late to buy defense items at the beginning of the game. Wow so you can choose the last Immortality item so that’s ok.

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This is the Hero Alucard King Of Lifesteal Item

Items when the turret loses position

I changed the Berserker’s Fury item to Oracle item because our team’s position was in a state of urgency and also lost the turret so that the oracle item is quite effective for alucard hero apart from increasing defense, it can also increase shield and HP regen for alucard hero. Suitable for this king of lifesteal hero.

What I give is hopefully useful for you guys to play in Mobile Legends and can win too and be able to use the best possible items. Any suggestions on what hero guides to discuss? Later I will review the hero guide along with the build tips for the game.

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