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You Must First Choose the Current Mobile Legends Meta Hero

Mobile Legends: Blast (MLBB) released the latest overhaul fix 1.8.47 on December 26 2023 yesterday. Many legend alters and buffs were overhauled this time, as well as giving new colors to the META Season 31 saint list.

Saint META itself is important for every player to know because this will have a big impact on their playing style during the season.

For that reason, for those of you who don't want to miss anything about Saint META Season 31 Portable Legends (ML), let's take a look at the following review!

Legend META Season 31


Yep, since Tornado Clear, which has the ability to spin around, can no longer be disturbed by the swarm control effect, Balmond has officially entered the legend beat level as a jungler in rank season 31.

Apart from that, this legend gains 15% Development Speed when using his skills, and Balmond's extreme range is now further than usual.


Client Alice now no longer has to worry about collecting Blood Sphere stacks so she can maximize her passive profits. Alice at this time will only depend on the level and things she has.

The ability of her ultimate will provide more endurance for Alice, as well as support skill 2 which can be used more often and produce burst harm.


Lunox is back as one of the META legends in Season 31. Now, the saint mage can change modes more freely because he only has 1 vitality for each mode.

Each Lunox mode is now converted to each other at a ratio of 1:

1. However, aptitude 2 (chaos mode) with extreme (arrangement mode) now no longer causes a moderate effect on the opponent.


Barats had temporarily faded from the list of saint warriors who were good as junglers. With changes to the stack that must be collected, currently only 10, Barats is considered very OP as a legend jungler choice.

From previously 25 stacks that had to be collected to 10. This ability is also supported by an increase in expertise 2 which is able to provide 40% moderate for 1 second, and is immune from CC effects when charging extreme aptitude power.


The changes experienced in this upgrade have had quite a positive impact on the use of positioned Nana. In fact, because of his role in a strong group battle, it is not uncommon for the public to ban this legend.

This was due to the redo given to 2 Nana's expertise, where he was able to turn all opponents in the target zone into Molina's puppets. Coupled with optimization of the ultimate which gives an explosion effect faster than usual.


Still the same as the previous season, Guinevere was used in quite a lot of positions and was contested. Guinevere's ability to give CC effects to opponents, as well as extraordinary enchantment damage explosions, are the main factors in this legend being able to create a winning force.


There are no significant changes for Tigreal. However, if we talk about the most stable and strong saint tank in group battle participation, Tigreal is the best legend in META now. Especially with its good durability in big battles.

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