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This time I want to discuss Lunox in the latest patch, guys, and I'm really happy with the Lunox that you can now see above its head, there are only three dots left, guys.

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In the past, there were four characters, that's why I said it was good because when you press skill one, it will slide to the left, but when you press skill two, it will immediately slide to the right once.

so it will make you quickly switch between ultimate modes


So, for those of you who still don't know about the Hero Lunox, I'll explain a little, this Lunox is the only skill or like mode, it's a defense mode, so it's for defense. So when you use it, it will give a little damage but it won't work. -You heal quite a lot, so it's normal, for example for multiple enemies

For example, if you want to clear Minions, I prefer to use it,

the other skill is that he immediately hits many targets

So, for the second skill or the blue skill or the purple skill, yes, that's it,

Dark mode skill and it's a system for offensive or attack. So when you hit the damage it hurts more than skill one, right?

So, on to the third skill,

This only gives damage, but in the past, it gave a slow effect, but now it doesn't give a slow effect, but that's okay because I'm really happy that this has been changed.

So, to use the ultimate, for example, if you are in light mode, the ultimate will disappear like that. Yes, it's also called defensive mode, right?

It won't take damage and it can cause area damage. Even though the damage is small, I usually use it to save myself after using the Dark model.

or if for example there is an opponent in the turret and you want to attack him, for example he is like that, you just use the yellow ulti, damage rest, but you can deal damage while still walking like that, okay?

So, for the ultimate dark mode, when you use the Lunox it will hit you like that, you can use it to push through walls to escape or to directly attack your opponent because when you attack this opponent he will take damage.

So, yes, the damaged area is only small, but not bad

So, after you use this ultimate, you have to spam the two blue skills, and now you don't consume any mana at all, guys.

So there's no cooldown anymore, you can't use anything else, and you can always spam, so even if you're not in War, you can spam your ultimate to clear Minions or to help them jungling, that's fine, as long as you're free. no War

Well, what I like is that there aren't too many points, for example, if you finish attacking your opponent like that, well, after that, for example, if you are attacked by a barik with your opponent's hero, you can go straight away like that, if in the past you had to press skill one twice, now you only have to press skill once. You can immediately use the light mode ulti and the cooldown of the ulti is also I think it's faster now, so it's really nice

OK, so for the build I used to build

For the emblem, I use the Assassin emblem

For battle spells, I use a Flicker

and for the gameplay, I'll give you a sneak peek of yesterday, I played a live stream using Lunox, so when the update finished, I immediately used Lunox and it was really good, guys, let's go