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List of OverPower Heroes After the New Mobile Legends 2023 Patch

OverPower Heroes After the New Mobile Legends Patch for March 2023 Some of you, of course, already know that there was just a new patch on March 2023.

There are many changes, starting from the ranking system later, and of course, the buff and nerf heroes are always there.

Including the revamp of the old hero Minsitthar which is of course interesting to watch. Because it looks very much different performance than before. Not only to support him now he can also become a killer.

So, related to that, here are 5 heroes who will become OP after the new Mobile Legends patch for March 2023.


After being revamped, you could say this hero has become much more OP than before. Starting from skill 1 which can attract many heroes immediately, and skill 2 which increases attack speed and provides damage reduction. As well as the Ultimate which now limits all the blinking opponent's skills.


Hero Freya also gets adjustments toward buffs. Now his skill 2 doesn't have a cooldown as long as there is still a stack.

You can also use it continuously even if it doesn't hit your opponent. Indeed, Freya is nerfed for early damage, but entering the late game you must be careful with this Fighter hero.


From the explainer side, it seems that Esmeralda wants to enter the meta again. The changes are in the basic attack which becomes more painful, as well as skill 2's cooldown which decreases in the early game. We know that previously there was a buff for Esmeralda but it was still lacking, and for now it can be said that this hero is much stronger.


Escape skills have always been a problem for Layla and made her easy to target. But the buff that Layla has this month allows Layla to move freely after doing skills. Besides that, his skill 2 was changed from slow to stun, making this hero much stronger than the previous patches.


After the damage buff, now there is a shield buff from skill 1 making it return OP. We know Paquito was strong in the previous patch, but with this buff, we believe he will become even more popular because his strength is more balanced. He can be a damage or sustained hero.

Those are the 5 OP heroes in the new Mobile Legends patch for March 2023, we see these heroes are still not strong enough in the previous patch and are now stronger. We do not include heroes that have been OP in the previous patch such as Arlott, Fredrinn and others.

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