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Top 10 Best Android MMORPG Games 2023

Games with many players and role-playing are not only available for PCs and consoles. Gamers can play Android MMORPG games with a variety of interesting variations. The existence of the internet and smartphones actually really support games in this genre.

The term MMORPG refers to a role-playing game that is played by many players. You choose a character and then go on an adventure in a fantasy world. The advantage of games like this is that the scope of the map and missions seems unlimited. In addition, the developers added updates so that the content varied.

In addition to the unique and distinctive storyline, the game also implements several game modes. You can even use characters to participate in player vs player mode. To find out more about the best MMORPG games on Android, see the following reviews.


1. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an Android MMORPG game with many interesting things. From the appearance side, you will see a unique and beautiful design, especially the setting of the place. Furthermore, each character also uses different attributes and is easily recognized by their appearance.

This game provides a wide world. Players explore every exciting places. Various missions are available to challenge enemies. Of course, you will receive a reward when you win. This is a game suitable for gamers who like an adventure.

2. Blade & Soul Revolution

An exciting MMORPG game is Blade & Soul Revolution. Gamers can choose activities according to their preferences. For those who like action and fighting, the map presents certain places and locations that are worth visiting. You will never run out of missions while playing this game.

Furthermore, the developer provides a variety of character choices. Each has different attributes and skills. Gamers just use what suits their needs and always upgrade so that their skills are higher.

Apart from playing solo, you can also join other players and form a team. This feature is often used when attacking bosses. Playing together provides a higher chance of winning. In addition, players are also given the opportunity to compete in real time with other players.

3. Aura Kingdom 2

The next Android MMORPG game is Aura Kingdom 2. This is a remake of a classic game that was once popular. Developers make this new version of the game with a three-dimensional view. You will see designs, backgrounds, and views that spoil your eyes.

In general, players choose a character and are ready to adventure. Gamers can choose maps and locations including missions. The game also provides a variety of enemies and monsters. When you successfully complete a certain level, the locked characters will be unlocked.

The game has been adapted to mobile devices. That is, you have no trouble when playing on a smartphone. Controls and all panels and menus are easily accessible. Another interesting thing is the feature to add items and change the character's appearance.

4. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Various MMORPG games have sprung up for the Android platform. One of the highlights is Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. In terms of graphics, the game has an attractive, colorful design. Settings and backgrounds also vary. You will find a variety of unique places.

The advantage of games like this is that they are played with friends. You can choose a solo mode for exploration and complete certain missions. However, playing as a team provides an opportunity to defeat enemies including bosses quickly. This is what's exciting about Ragnarok.

5. Black Desert Mobile

An Android MMORPG game with an open-world system is Black Desert Mobile. This is a game where players can go on unlimited adventures. There is a lot of content, maps, locations, and missions in the game.

In terms of design, this game is not in doubt. Each character and action uses a dynamic effect. In addition, players can choose an angle mode so they can see each part clearly. Furthermore, various unique monsters are ready to be defeated.

Of all the mobile MMO games, Black Desert is one of the easiest to play. Controls and panels also adapt to device compatibility. You can even move and play your character easily and smoothly.

6. Eternal Sword M

For those who like MMORPG games, one of the best choices is Eternal Sword M. The game is made for mobile devices. What's interesting about this game is the choice of the story before carrying out the mission. As you can, you can carry out various exciting missions.

This game provides characters with different attributes and looks. The player's task is to increase skills and levels so that they are more powerful. Also, players can raid with others and receive special items or drops. This game allows a lot of things so you don't get bored quickly.

7. Ro: Idle Poring

Some Android MMORPG games come from classic games that were once famous. An example is ragnarok online or RO, which now has a mobile remake, Ro: Idle Poring. Games give players a chance to get nostalgic for those classic games.

The developer provides several game options, especially battles. Players use characters to fight with other players. Furthermore, the game only uses one server so you can meet other players from various countries.

8. Legacy of Discord

Another MMORPG game on Android is Legacy of Discord. You will see an attractive and attractive appearance. Each character has real details. In addition, this game provides various items and accessories. Gamers can change their appearance and customize what they want.

Like other RPGs, the game starts with the main character and travels to various places. Another mode is joining a team to explore dungeons and defeat enemies. Furthermore, you can play pvp in the arena.

9. Crasher: Origin

Crasher: Origin is an Android MMORPG game to be reckoned with. The background story of this game is quite interesting, especially the crusher character. Players are given the opportunity to customize their appearance and accessories.

For gameplay, you can start with a simple mission and then level up and collect items. Next, the game provides several game modes. Gamers join forces with other players to form teams when carrying out boss hunts and raids.

10. Order & Chaos

You want to try a different MMORPG and the right choice is Order & Chaos. This game has race and character options with many variations. You need to know, attributes and skills are available up to thousands of options. The game also implements an open world so that it has various interesting places.

The game is not just an RPG because there is a pvp mode in the arena. Each player can do direct combat and get rewards. Apart from that, you can create items and modify some of the appearance to suit your personal preferences.


All the Android MMORPG games that have been described have many fun and interesting aspects. Each game uses a different map and it seems that there are no limits. The developer is also expanding by adding an arena mode where players fight directly.

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