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Latest Forspoken Has Received a Bomb Review!

Forspoken is the latest game to fall victim to a bomb review. In fact, the open-world game made by Square Enix was only released last January 24. 

Even though it can be said to be very ambitious, the game which was also developed by Luminous Productions did not live up to the expectations of players and critics.

Players Criticize Every Aspect in Forspoken!

Before the official release, one of the promotions via the trailer in August 2022 had drawn criticism. Because the voice-over is so tacky in the trailer, netizens think it's a joke. Not a few also make it a parody meme event.

In fact, after its release, Forspoken received harsh criticism from its players. It's no wonder that its Metacritic page is full of review bombs, giving its user score a low score. As of this writing, the PlayStation 5 version gets a user score of 3.5, while the PC version reaches 1.9.

Forspoken gameplay

Starting from technical and performance issues. Players who have played it have found that the game doesn't run smoothly even on high-spec PCs. Some players also reported frequent crashes and saw the game's visuals were very different than what was promised in the trailer.

The fact that Forspoken requires a PC with very high specifications and 90 GB of storage doesn't really help either. What's more, the emergence of Denuvo's controversial DRM has had a major impact on game performance.

In terms of content, players blaspheme every aspect of it. The majority of their comments on Metacritic found the game's storytelling very disappointing. Plus, the protagonist Frey is considered very annoying.

The world of the open world is not as promised. They find the world that is displayed feels bland and empty. Even worse, the combat looks very shallow.

Received various comments from critics, the majority said it was not up to expectations

Critics' opinions may not be as bad as players who have tried Forspoken, but the majority still say the game made by Square Enix falls short of expectations. Their opinion focuses on disappointment with the content.

GameRant found that reviews for Forspoken were sparse at launch. This is because Square Enix reportedly did not send the code to many critics from various game journalism media. This could be a sign that Square Enix isn't too confident about the game he made.

Forspoken was expected to be the start of Square Enix in 2023, but the disappointing reviews just didn't live up to expectations. It was predicted that the open-world RPG game would not achieve great success. The next hope for Square Enix this year is Final Fantasy XVI which will be released on June 22.

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