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10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2023

As a genre that has many fans, strategy games are fun and can sharpen the brain. Besides that, this game is also suitable for spending hours of free time.

For those of you who want to try playing a strategy game, trying a new game is not easy. But if you are curious and want to try it, Yagaming has managed to sort out the best strategy game options.

What are the options? Check it out… 10 of the best strategy games for Android, the Yagaming version.

10 Best Strategy Games for Android 2023

1. Rise of Empires: Ice and Fire (Online)

There's nothing wrong with including Rise of Empires on Yagaming's list of the best strategy games. This game presented by Long Tech Network has been downloaded more than 10 million times on the Play Store.

Rise of Empires is a war and strategy game with a medieval theme about empires and dragons. This game presents a management strategy simulation as its main gameplay.

In the game, the player is required to develop the kingdom by improving the various facilities needed by troops. What distinguishes this game from other kingdom games lies in the presence of dragons as one of the guardian monsters from enemy attacks.

As a king, you must compete with other players by racing the fastest to increase the level and upgrade troops so that other players are reluctant to attack your palace.

2. Clash of Clans (Online)

Who doesn't know Clash of Clans? This game, which first aired in 2012, still exists as the Top Grossing strategy genre on the Play Store.

Even though the popularity of Clash of Clans has decreased somewhat, the developer has been continuing to make several updates, one of which is that players can experience "war" in real time with other players.

An exciting mix of castle defense, strategy and simulation genres is the right word to describe the Clash Of Clans game.

At the beginning of the game, players will be presented with a brief narrative about the presence of goblins who are attacking your village. After this incident, you will be directed by the narrator to strike back at the goblin base.

3. Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars (Online)

Unlike most strategy genre games, Lords Mobile has a variety of uniqueness that even popular games like it don't have, say Clash of Clans or Lords of Kings. In terms of graphics, this war strategy game does not present sadistic graphics but cute 3D graphics but suitable for all ages to play.

Interestingly, if you feel bored fighting other players, you can hunt monsters in Hero Battles mode. In this mode, you will fight tough monsters in RPG style, which of course, if successful, will give EXP and abundant prizes.

Well, if you haven't tried this strategy game called Lords Mobile, it's a shame if you miss this game.

4. State of Survival (Online)

Do you want to play zombie games but are afraid of Jump Scare? This game titled State of Survival will suit you.

State of Survival is a strategy game made by Kings Group, which tells about the struggle of humans to fight against zombies. Here, the player's task is to build a fortress while trying to recapture lands controlled by zombies.

Interestingly, if most zombie games are packed with the shooter genre, State of Survival instead presents the experience of fighting zombies in the strategy genre.

Even though this game presents a strategy game as the main gameplay, you can still feel the tension of shooting zombies in the Trails of the Explorer mode. If strategy games usually get boring too quickly because of the lack of variety of missions, State of Survival presents various missions so that you can continue the story of the game.

5. Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade (Online)

The game, which was originally named Rise of Civilization, is indeed attracting attention. In the game, you can build an empire, train troops, and carry out missions.

Adapting mechanisms such as COC, time will be needed in this game. Starting from the time waiting for a building to be upgraded, the time waiting to train troops, the time to harvest resources.

However, what is the main differentiator from similar games is that Rise of Kingdom is comfortable to play for Free to Play players.

Curious as to what the excitement is like? This game made by developer Lilith Games, which has been downloaded more than 10 million times, can be played for free.

6. Alien Creeps TD (Offline)

This Android strategy game makes towers the location for battle action. Here, you will meet groups of cunning enemies, be attacked by lightning, and even encounter helicopter explosions.

There are at least 50 levels that you need to conquer in order to become a winner. Feel the thrilling sensation of defending the earth from alien attacks in the tower.

There are three game modes each with their own strengths, where you can optimize when you take on challenges and implement strategies. There are also various types of challenging terrain that you can choose as a means of fighting.

Not only that, it is also possible for users to invite allies during wars to help defend and launch attacks against common enemies.

7. Little Comander 2 (Offline)

This game is very easy to operate because it looks relatively simple so it will make you feel at home playing for a long time. There are 60 levels available with the help of 4 maps that you can optimize when submitting or accepting challenges.

Apart from that, there is also a World Contest Mode where all cross-country users can fight each other for territory while defending the honor of their own country.

On another occasion, if you are not satisfied with your achievements, use the Sky Ladder Mode to challenge top players around the world and climb to the top of the highest charts.

There are also types of ranking based on certain indicators that you can use to stand out.

8. Tentacle Wars (Offline)

This Android strategy game presents an exciting and new playing experience for all players. What's more, it is equipped with support in the form of an HD display so that it will spoil your visual needs.

Get the thrill of the microscopically based game world accompanied by an original soundtrack that will make you enjoy every component of the game. Not only that, Tentacle Wars will require you to complete 80 missions alone with various levels.

This one game will make you feel the impossibility becomes reality. The player's main task is to heal various types of organisms by capturing enemy cells, where the goal is to target DNA and absorb their energy.

9. War Planet Online (Online)

War Planet Online is ready to take you on an exciting game in real-time . Feel the tension of war where you have to be directly involved in order to achieve victory. Challenge yourself to think carefully and quickly in the middle of a war zone.

This game collects various RTS player characters from around the world, where you can invite them to form an alliance. The alliance is then possible to conquer a nation or defeat the enemy.

Enjoy being involved in modern multiplayer wars, where there is a Global Chat feature that can be used to build real-time strategies around the world.

10. Command & Conquer: Rivals (Online)

This Android strategy game is perfect for testing your ability to formulate smart strategies to achieve victory. An action-packed RTS game that will take you to an extraordinary visual experience.

You are possible to build your own team and then share resources with colleagues. There are various combat equipment such as planes, tanks, infantry, and many more. Find PvP duel battles that carry fast mechanics in an exciting and tense atmosphere.

You can also test your prowess through PvP duels to see how far it can work when facing opponents in real-time . At the same time, each player is given the opportunity to refill high-value battle equipment.

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