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10 Best Android Zombie Games February 2023

As living corpse that carries a virus and infects anyone, zombies do look scary. That is what makes the zombie genre popular and much-loved by gamers.

Even though there are many zombie games scattered on the Play Store, of course not all of them are of high quality. So, in order not to waste your time, we have managed to summarize the 10 best choices that are the most exciting to play.

What are the games? Let's watch it until it's finished… The 10 best zombie games for Android, Yagaming version.

10 Best Android Zombie Games February 2023 Offline + Online

1. State of Survival (Online)

State of Survival is a strategy game made by Kings Group, which tells about the struggle of humans to fight against zombies. Here, the player's task is to build a fortress while trying to recapture lands controlled by zombies.

Interestingly, if most zombie games are packed with the shooter genre, State of Survival instead presents the experience of fighting zombies in the strategy genre.

Even though this game presents a strategy game as the main gameplay, you can still feel the tension of shooting zombies in the Trails of the Explorer mode. If strategy games usually get boring too quickly because of the lack of variety of missions, State of Survival presents various missions so that you can continue the story of the game.

2. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land (Online)

The Walking Dead: No Man's Land is a harmonious mix of genres between strategy RPG and city-building elements. In the game, the player will be faced with an exploration mode as well as a management mode.

Speaking of graphics, The Walking Dead: No Man's Land doesn't disappoint at all. Next Games as the developer did a good job depicting the world of The Walking Dead which is dark, cruel, and full of struggles in 3D style.

As a free-to-play game that requires a lot of grinding and an internet connection, you need to be patient in playing it so you can still enjoy the game.

3. DEAD TARGET: Zombie (Offline)

DEAD TARGET: Zombie is a zombie-themed shooter game brought to you by VNG GAME STUDIOS. In the game, you will be part of an elite team member of Operation Apocalypse. The player's task is to save our colleagues who are in the operation.

As the game progresses, mission after mission will be carried out. And along the way, you must be able to finish off the zombies in front of you before they approach and attack you.

As a game that belongs to the FPS genre, the images presented are fairly realistic. It's quite tense and can make you panic if the zombies get too close. To move the character, this game has a pretty good virtual controller. Overall, this DEAD TARGET: Zombie Game is worth trying to play.

4. DEAD TRIGGER 2 (Offline)

As a successor game to the previous game, Dead Trigger 2 still follows the style of play from Dead Trigger 1. For example, you have to survive zombie attacks while completing the missions provided.

The good thing is, the missions contained in DEAD TRIGGER 2 are not just about surviving for a certain period of time. Existing missions are divided into 3, namely story missions, side missions, and global missions.

Interestingly, the money you get from hunting zombies can be used to upgrade weapons that can increase damage. Throughout the game, you are not only faced with ordinary zombies but also Boss Zombies who have special skills.

Overall, the striking difference between Dead Trigger 1 and Dead Trigger 2 is the graphics which look more realistic which makes this game more challenging. The impression of horror can really be obtained when dealing with Zombies.

5. Into the Dead 2 (Offline)

Success with the first series, Pikpok is back with the sequel to the game Into The Dead. This time, gamers are presented with a quite interesting story, guys, where you are assigned to save your family in this game without any vehicles.

Because this game is an action game with an endless-runner concept, you also have to run while eliminating the zombies around you.

Btw, later you will be presented with various new weapons and tools, guys. There are also new game modes that will be waiting for you in this terrible zombie world.

6. MAD ZOMBIES (Offline)

You can play this Android zombie game for free where it tends to look simple, but still tense. Your ultimate goal is to become the ultimate terminator by constantly honing your headshot skills and thinking up sound tactical rationales.

Every time you successfully complete a task, you are entitled to receive a bonus in the form of a collection of sophisticated weapons. The more often you conquer challenges, your skills will increase drastically, which will eventually lead you to the title of the quality terminator.

MAD ZOMBIES (Offline) presents a realistic graphic design based on a 3D view. You can really feel how an experiment in war takes place.

Not only that but there are also various powerful weapons that can be adapted to each player's role during the war.

7. Zombie Frontier 3 (Offline)

If you want to test and practice your shooting skills, then Zombie Frontier 3 is the most reasonable choice. The game brings a thrilling atmosphere for FPS action and combat enthusiasts.

Feel the thrill of hunting the undead while completing missions one by one. Your speed, agility, and tactics will be tested in order to defend the world from being destroyed by zombie attacks.

Get an exciting gaming experience through a powerful arsenal of weapons where the total number is more than 30 pieces. This game carries a 3D concept design so that it can create an atmosphere of tension that feels very real.

8. Hide from Zombies (Online)

As the name suggests, zombie games for Android require each player to fight zombies while hiding in strategic corners. You will feel the sensation of being chased that feels real and thrilling because your life is on the verge of death.

It's time to test your mentality through the game Hide from Zombies where there is a group of people contaminated with a zombie virus and aiming to attack the defenders.

You are required to find the best hiding places from rooms to furniture while predicting the most appropriate moment to counterattack. Here, you will find 10 alternative heroes with different skills, as well as 7 large maps that will guide you.

Interestingly, every player is given the opportunity to customize the character at will. At the same time, you will be equipped with various traps, supplies, and grenades to survive.

9. Horror Forest 3 (Online)

Do you like fighting in an open world full of dangers? Try playing Horror Forest 3, feel the sensation of being in the middle of a dark forest filled with zombies ready to attack you during the game.

This game carries the concept of multiplayer for up to 6 people with shooting skills as the main defense. Characters will experience development as the number of zombies killed increases, the dexterity of completing missions, and conquering daily challenges.

Horror Fores 3 also features interesting 3D-based gameplay where the world setting is full of life after the apocalyptic zombies. Also supported by high-quality visuals and background music that can make the atmosphere even more terrifying.

10. Zombie Combat Simulator (Online)

This Android zombie game still carries the multiplayer concept with support for various battle modes. However, it is possible for you to freely control and regulate the movement of a soldier alone.

The good news is, Zombie Combat Simulator has a Sandbox Mode, where you have the opportunity to build units anywhere, choose weapons as you like, and create optimal defenses.

Basically, this one game allows each player to bring significant changes to the flow of the game by simply changing the rules that apply at that time.

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