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10 Best Android Football Games February 2023

As the most popular sport on earth, football is also the most sought-after sports genre in the Play Store. It's no wonder that soccer has a large fan base.

For those of you who like to play soccer, you can try playing soccer games on Android. In the game, you can become the best player and even become a soccer coach.

The problem is, even though there are many soccer games on the play store, only a few are the best and most interesting to play.

The good news is, Yagaming has managed to sort out the 10 best choices. Anything? Let's see until the end… the 10 best soccer games according to Yagaming.

10 Best Android Football Games February 2023 Offline + Online

1. Dream League Soccer (Offline)

If you're looking for a soccer game with realistic gameplay, then Dream League Soccer is worth considering. Why? Because the game presented by First Touch Games comes with a variety of new features.

This android game has very easy interactive controls, here you will take to the gridiron to fight the best soccer clubs in the world. Besides that, you can build your dream team with more than 4,000 FFIPro-licensed teams.

It's no wonder that this Android game has been installed more than 10 million times because this game presents player movements in 3D. What's more, there are commentators who help enliven and customize players that you can try.

In the game, you can also manage all the competing teams and every time you play you will get a certain amount of money that can be used to improve the team's abilities.

2. Top Eleven (Online)

As a football fan, you must be familiar with the name Top Eleven. This game presented by Nordeus has succeeded in attracting a lot of attention.

Yes, this game offers a concept like a manager in the original soccer world. You as a coach will later have a stadium that must be developed for the progress of the team. The appearance of the stadium that is displayed looks stunning and seems realistic thanks to the improved animation.

Turning to the event feature which has become a mandatory feature for online games, Top Eleven 2020 features various events and various attractive prizes, such as; match shirts, tokens, and so on.

3. Score! Hero (Offline)

Unlike other soccer games, Score Hero offers a unique and interesting soccer game concept. The player here is only assigned to score goals from passes to free kicks.

At the beginning of the game, you need to choose a character that will act as a Hero, then proceed to choose a nationality for a club and league for your own Hero. It doesn't stop there, you can also make changes to your Hero's style, such as hair color and jersey number.

The game controls offered by this game can be said to be quite easy. You just need to swipe the ball. For example, if you want to shoot, you only need to swipe the ball toward the goal. And if you want to make a pass, all you have to do is swipe the ball toward a team player.


As per the title of the game, PES CLUB MANAGER is a soccer manager game with a PES or Pro Evolution Soccer license. In the game, you have full control in creating a soccer team.

As a manager, you will learn to handle all the aspects necessary to form a great team. Starting from adjusting the intensity of training, and managing player contracts to developing new young players.

What's interesting about this game made by KONAMI is not only that there are dozens of teams and thousands of players, but also the fantastic graphics aspect. By default, this game presents a 2D view and moves fast, but when there is a dangerous game scene from the player, the view changes to 3D.

5. eFootball PES (Online)

After the previous PES CLUB MANAGER, there is also eFootball PES 2020 which both stand under the auspices of a large developer, namely KONAMI.

It's no exaggeration if eFootball PES is Yagaming's version of the best soccer game. This is inseparable thanks to the small improvements and adjustments to the gameplay that the developer has made.

Players here can feel how to simulate soccer like the original. Regarding game control, this game offers lots of variations in controlling the ball. In a way, Konami managed to present the best and different gameplay.

Moreover, coupled with animations and players who look great and Match Day which has an Online feature.

6. Ultimate Soccer (Offline)

The first soccer game that is most popular among soccer lovers is the Ultimate Soccer game. There are various things that make this game popular, one of which is its realistic visuals.

The grass on the field provided by this game looks real so players can feel like they are on a real field. Even the physical appearance of the players also looks like real soccer player.

With these beautiful visuals, players who compete in soccer can finish the game more enjoyable. You can dribble quickly so you can put the ball into the enemy team's goal.

7. Mobile Soccer League (Offline)

Mobile Soccer League is a soccer game that you can play without having to connect to the internet first. You can use it wherever you are without having to fear an unstable internet network.

In addition, this game features a very complete world league. You can choose for yourself which league you want to play in and bring the team you are playing in to become the winner of that league.

The main advantage possessed by this game is the appearance of the players who are unique and look like cartoon characters. A big head with a small body will make the player stand out when playing on the field.

8. Pro League Soccer (Offline)

Almost similar to Mobile Soccer League, Pro League Soccer also includes a soccer game that has a unique character appearance and captivating soccer matches. You have to be able to control the eleven players on the team well.

Even though there isn't any league in this game, you can still move and connect certain players and teams more easily. In essence, you are in full control of the game process in this game.

After choosing what tournament you want to conquer, you will start the match you have chosen. Get ready to fight against a team of computer-driven enemies.

9. Mini Football (Online)

In accordance with the title of the game, Mini Football presents an interesting and unique soccer game. The players in this game look tiny and adorable, so anyone will feel that these players look really cute.

Even though their players are mini, the power they have on the field cannot be underestimated. Because the counter-power that can be issued by these players is fairly strong and able to defeat the enemy in one kick.

However, this of course depends on your ability to control the team you are playing with. If your strategy is right, then you can master the entire tournament more easily.

10. Extreme Football (Online)

If the soccer game above tends to be only you in full control of the team that wants to compete, then not with Extreme Football. In this game, you can play it together with other friends.

Gameplay that is very fast and smooth will make you feel the sensation of playing soccer more fun. Each player also has its own advantages that will amaze you.

This last soccer game will also present information regarding the ranking of each gamer who has finished earning high points. Play this game and get the highest ranking in this soccer game.

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