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Tips to Fix Mobile Legends Win Rate Easily 2023

Win Rate itself is one of the important things that are the target of most Mobile Legends players. This is evident from the desire of every player to have a good win rate, both overall and win rate per Hero.

For mobile legends game players, the win rate is very important. Because if the win rate is down, it is not uncommon for players to use the mobile legends win rate cheat. We don't really recommend using bot apk because it can get banned from Moonton.

Having a high win rate certainly has several advantages or benefits. And the most pronounced advantage is that we will get the impression and trust that our game is good.

With that trust and impression, it will be easy for us to get friends to play with. In addition, it will be easier for us to find friends to play with in global rooms if our account win rate is high.

So, here We have summarized several ways you can do to improve your Mobile Legends win rate. Without further ado, here's a summary for you.

The methods that we have summarized below have proven to be effective in improving both your hero win rate and your match win rate. Here's how to easily and effectively improve Mobile Legends' win rate:

Play with Squad

The first step you can take to improve your Mobile Legends win rate is to play with a reliable squad. If you are playing with players who are already compact then the percentage of the win rate will be higher and can increase your win rate.

Apart from that, be selective when choosing friends to play, the fact is that those who are Pros are always happy with the Pros too, and those who have a high win rate are always playing with their classmates.

Using this method, you also have to exert your best abilities so as not to hinder the team's victory. If you make a lot of mistakes during the game, your team may still lose.

Use Your Mainstay Hero

This is very important when you are playing solo ranked. Sometimes you will meet a situation where you have to use a role that you don't like to play. It is best in this situation to choose the hero you are most good at. Using the hero that you master the most will greatly impact the players.

When you understand the hero mechanics or the cool language, you already understand the micro heroes you like, then you can get the victory. You can maximize the heroes that you use to kill opponents and destroy enemy towers well.

Using Hero META

Apart from using the hero that you have the most control over, you can also use the overpowered hero or the META one. META heroes can usually increase the chance of victory because they have quite painful damage. This META hero is usually a hero that is feared in rank.

Using a hero who is currently a META is an important one. Of course, the hero is currently strong in the game so he can enter the META. So your chances of winning will be even higher.

Play Classic Mode

The next way to improve the Mobile Legends win rate is to play matches in Classic mode. The average player playing in classic mode is a new player or old player who is trying out a new hero.

Playing Classic mode does not have the same effect as playing rankings. Playing Classic mode will not decrease your performance if you lose and can increase your account win rate.

Even though you're playing in classic mode, you still shouldn't be able to play as you, please. You still have to use the hero that you are most good at and exert your best abilities. 

Create a New Mobile Legends Account

The last step to improve your Mobile Legends win rate is to create a new Mobile Legends account. Win rates that already below tend to be difficult for you to fix. While you can, you'll need a lot of skill and time to fix it.

The function of creating a new account is that you can use the other account to practice and try classic heroes, and the other to play with friends. Because many of the players have low win rates because their accounts are also used to try new heroes.

Those are some tips and tricks to improve your Mobile Legends win rate. How to increase Mobile Legend's win rate above are tips from several pro players in Mobile Legends.

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