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This is the latest Hero Xavier Mobile Legends Counter Item

Mobile Legends has released a lot of new updates so players can try playing it when they start playing later. Then know Xavier Mobile Legends Hero Counter Items, making it easier for players to deal with this hero. Because indeed with Counter Xavier facing the enemy will be even easier.

Of course, by utilizing the right items, players will become stronger in battle. Having various types of games that are so diverse, makes it even easier for us to deal with enemies very well now.

Understanding how the Type of Role Hero in Mobile Legends is like, is something that is right for you to use well. Facing enemies in battle will become easier because we will do battle with a very helpful Role.

Understanding everything about Xavier Mobile Legends Counter Hero Items makes it easier for us to fight him. So that those of you who later use the appropriate Counter Items, will definitely make you completely invincible so you can win.

Item Counter Hero Xavier Mobile Legends 

Athena’s Shield

+900 HP

+62 Magic Defense

+2 HP Regen

Athena's Shield has an increase in Stats which is quite helpful, then Passive which will protect us from Magical Damage Attacks. This item's Unique Passive gets a Shield Protector with a duration of 3 seconds, along with a Magical Reduction Effect of 25% when receiving Magic Damage. In fact, this is a very good effect so you don't become famous for Instant Kill from Hero Xavier when using his Ultimate.

Radiant Armor

+950 HP

+52 Magical Defense

+12 HP Regen

Having a unique Passive called Holy Bless, players will receive a maximum stack of 6 for Magical Defense which you will get later. Of course, this effect will continue to appear for a duration of 3 seconds to protect you from Xavier's Magical damage attacks. It will also make Xavier's Combo itself even more difficult to beat you, because of the increased Defense.

Rose Gold Meteor

+60 Physical Attack

+30 Magic Defense

+5% Physical Lifesteal

This will be a suitable item for Physical Damage players because the Rose Gold Meteor protects you from Xavier's deadly attacks. Passive will bring up a Shield Effect of 510 – 1350 for 3 Seconds with additional Magic Defense when HP is Below 30%. It will protect you from Xavier's deadly attacks, so stay alert.

Blood Wings

+175 Magic Power

+500 HP

Then use Blood Wings, even though things like this are indeed spelled out only in the Passive Shield that we will receive. Passive from Blood Wings gives Shield 200% of your Magic Power strength, if the Shield is destroyed it will recover again after 30 seconds have passed. Blood Wings also becomes an effect that neutralizes the damage from Xavier in battle.

Winter Truncheon

+60 Magic Power

+25 Physical Defense

+400 HP

Winter Truncheon is also the deadliest Counter Item for Hero Xavier because doing a deadly Combo can be hindered by this item's Passive Skill. Turning you into Ice for 2 Seconds, you will not take any damage and are also invulnerable. Making it easier for us to escape, so you won't have any trouble fighting Xavier later.

After knowing Xavier Mobile Legends (ML) Counter Hero Items, it won't be difficult for you to face this hero. Because by taking advantage of good opportunities like this, facing Xavier requires the right items so that the damage isn't too great.

You can also recognize some Tips for Using Hero Xavier in Mobile Legends, it turns out that it's really easy and we can just try playing it right away. Has a very new ability to ambush his opponent's target so he can't move.

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