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This is how to counter the Radiant Armor Mobile Legends item

Mobile Legends has released various updates for players to find out what the various features are like. Then find out about the Radiant Armor Mobile Legends Counter Items, this will be a strong resistance to deal with it. But you have to understand what it's like if the Radian Armor is to be able to deal with it very well.

There are a number of updates along with events that we can find, and players are getting more excited to play all of them. There are lots of good features for you to try to find right away, providing something new for you to try to find right away.

Understanding what the Mobile Legends Player Rank Order looks like because it affects the game so that we know the game is according to the level. You guys will do a better battle, so we can put a good game to play soon.

Understanding what Counter Items Radiant Armor Mobile Legends are like, it will be easy for you to face them when competing. It's an item that will reduce Magic Damage greatly, but the counter will definitely feel good to overcome even a little.

Counter Item Radiant Armor Mobile Legends 

Genius Wand

The Genius Wand is the deadliest Counter for Radiant Armor, because all defenses will be greatly reduced. The problem is that the Passive Genius Wand itself will reduce the enemy's total Defense Magic in large numbers to reach a high Stack.

Then the increase in the Magical Pen by 10 points, of course, makes the Genius Wand itself the right thing for you to find. Besides that, the addition of 75 Magic Power and 5% Movement Speed ​​for you to use in battle is getting better.

Blood Wings

Blood Wings is the most powerful item for increasing Magic Damage, it can even make Radiant Armor easily penetrated. Of course that way those of you who use this item can also get a defense so it's not too dangerous when playing.

The passive ability of Blood Wings itself does provide a Shield, but the Statistical Effect Boost makes other builds stronger. An increase of 175 Magic Power and 500 HP when we use it, it sounds really cool for us to use later.

Divine Sword

Divine Glaive can also be a good mainstay for Counter Radiant Armor, because it can reduce the enemy's defense. Certainly using the Divine Glaive itself is quite helpful, making it easy for us to break through the enemy's defenses very quickly.

Its passive along with the additional 35% Magic Penetration bonus attribute, so every attack that becomes a Stack for Divine Glaive gets more painful. Not to mention that if we use it later we can receive an addition such as 65 Magic Power, helping to add greater Damage.

Glowing Wand

The Glowing Wand will directly target the Max HP of the enemy, so the Radiant Armor will have a weakness in defense as well. That's why the Glowing Wand itself will be such a helpful item, so we won't have any trouble dealing with heroes who use these items.

So giving a Burning Effect to the enemy hit by Magic Damage, it will attack directly on the Core of the enemy's max HP hit. The increase in items from the Glowing Wand will also be related to 75 Magic Power, 400 Hp and a large 5% Movement Speed.

Calamity Reaper

Calamity Reaper is a perfect item for you Hero Magic Damage users who use Normal Attack when competing later. Of course, dealing with these opponents will be easier this way, so you won't have any difficulties with the battle against the Radiant Armor build item.

So with every attack using Normal Attack, the Damage will increase which of course penetrates Radiant Armor. Then for Calamity Reaper will also increase 70 Magic Power, 100 Mana, 6 HP Regen 10% Cooldown Reduction.

Of course with the Radiant Armor Mobile Legends (ML) Counter Items you don't need to be afraid anymore, it can be penetrated very easily. As long as you do the right combo attacks, it will be easy for you to face the battle well.

Then to find out the Radiant Armor User Hero Mobile Legends , will definitely provide such great strength. Makes those who stay long in the match and make it difficult for their opponents to attack because of this.

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