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These 3 strongest Hero Mage can flatten enemies in just 1 attack

You should know that the following 3 strongest mage heroes can flatten enemies in just 1 attack, who are they?

There are heroes who can flatten the enemy at once in just 1 attack. Usually, this kind of ability is possessed by hero mages.

And here are the 3 strongest mage heroes in Mobile Legends who are able to flatten enemies in just one attack, the damage is no joke.


Since getting the revamp, Vexana is now rising to the surface. The skill combo is very deadly, really helps the team in team fights.

How could it not be, Vexana's combo skill can immediately flatten the opposing team, no matter how thick the opponent's hero is, Vexana's combo skill will penetrate.


Don't ever stick together against Vale, especially during a war, because Vale can destroy you in just 1 attack at once.

He has a very terrible combo skill, especially for melee heroes, Vale is the most feared.

Luo Yi

Lastly, there is Luo Yi, any kind of hero never scares Luo Yi because he has a very deadly combo skill.

Luo Yi's combo skill can make opponents attract each other and at that moment the opponent will receive great damage so you can be sure that when you are hit by Luo Yi's skill combo, you will die and even die on the spot.

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