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Most Selling and OP Hero in M4 MLBB, Must Pick Before Nerf!

You could say M4 MLBB this time brought a lot of surprise heroes that were rarely picked before.

Counting there are two heroes who are subscribers with the same number of picks and are indeed a mainstay to use on M4 this time.

Are you curious about which heroes are arguably best-selling and most powerful when they are released, they will definitely be picked by one of the playing teams?

Karrie and Fredrinn finished No.1 on M4

They were both used 50x during M4 for both the Group Stage and Knockout Stage.

With the advantage Karrie because she won 28 times compared to Fredrinn's 27 times.

Both of them can indeed be said to be the key to victory for the team that uses them and are often the first pick near the end of M4.

These two heroes have proven to be strong and can have a big effect on the team that uses them.

Therefore, you really have to pick these two most OP heroes when playing Rank because they have proven to be very strong and sell very well in M4 MLBB.

You have to be fast because reportedly these two heroes will get nerfed in the next patch, it really has to be taken when not banned by enemies in rank.

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