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Impact and Dangers of Using Cheats in Mobile Legends

 There are many types of cheats that are commonly used by ML players, one of which is cheat skin.

Instead of buying very expensive skins, players usually use the cheat to unlock all skins. It's also very easy to use, you only need to download the many scripts provided on Google or YouTube.

But before going any further, it's a good idea to understand the meaning of cheats and how they work.

Definition and How Cheat Works

Cheat is a special script that is useful for running a program. The way the cheat works is to manipulate elements or effects as desired. Even so, making scripts is not easy because you have to know several programming languages.

Impact and Dangers of Using Cheats in Mobile Legends

For those who ask whether it is dangerous to use cheats in Mobile Legends, the answer is yes . There are many cases where accounts are banned because they are detected using cheats or third party applications. Now there are two types of sanctions that are usually given, namely temporary bans and permanent bans.

It's good if it's only temporary, you just need to wait until the time set by Moonton. While a permanent ban will cause the account to be locked forever so you can't use that account anymore.

Types of Cheats in Mobile Legends

It's incomplete if you don't discuss the types of cheats in Mobile Legends. Based on experience, here are the cheats that are commonly used:

1. All Skin Unlock

Useful to unlock all skins without buying.

2. Skill No Cooldown

Useful for removing skill cooldown effects.

3. Map Hack

Useful for viewing enemy positions.

4. One Hit Kill

Useful for dealing damage with one direct modar hit.

5. Drone View

Useful for visibility to be farther.

6. Unlimited Battle Point & Diamond

Useful for getting unlimited battle points (BP) and diamonds.

7. Auto Lag

Useful so that the enemy lags / delays during the game.

Apart from the list above, many players have also been banned for using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The VPN is used to change servers to make it easier for the enemy. The system works by changing the Indonesian IP to another country.

Moonton's attitude towards cheater behavior

In 2023, Moonton as an ML developer is incessantly eradicating accounts detected using cheats and third party applications. This is done to keep the game flow exciting without any players being harmed.

Even the sanctions given were no joke, starting from being banned for one month, permanently banned, resetting MMR, and deleting accounts. Everything will be arranged based on the type of violation you committed.

Moonton hopes that all players are aware of the importance of sportsmanship in playing. Don't want to win and then justify any means.

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