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How to Play Bondee APK and Main Features of Bondee Metadream

Bondee is a social application where users can meet each other in a virtual plaza based on Web3 and metaverse technology. 

In other words, this application by Singapore-based company Metadream can be a virtual home for you and your friends!

It's no wonder that this Bondee game has really become popular among young people. You can do many things, such as creating an avatar of yourself with a wide selection of hairstyles, clothes, and accessories in really cool 3D shapes.

Key Features of Bondee Metadream

Still curious about what things you can get when playing this? Here are some explanations.

1. Invite Friends: You can invite up to 50 friends to hang out to your virtual plaza.

2. Create Avatar: Create a 3-dimensional avatar that best represents you. Choose from a variety of the trendiest original outfits, designed by today's coolest designers.

3. Virtual Plaza: Bondee has a virtual plaza where you can interact with friends via virtual avatars. Double-click on your friend's avatar for additional interaction. You can also use chat or status to express yourself.

4. Chat: You can also chat here. You can also gossip with friends, here.

5. Status: You can share photos and choose animated emojis to express yourself.

6. Personal Place: Create your personal place, like a private room, to store your favorite things. You can also visit your friend's place, you know.

7. Bondee floating: This feature allows you to feel floating in the ocean and find various challenges. Throw a bottle overboard, like a message in a bottle, to interact with new friends. It's similar to an application looking for friends around you.

How to Play Bondee APK

Then, how do you play Bondee APK this game, huh? It's not easy, really. All you have to do is download and install the application from the link above.

When you enter the application, you will be asked to create an account. After that, you can immediately create a virtual avatar according to your wishes.

Continue the game by decorating your private room. Don't worry, there are many choices of goods and they are quite exclusive. You can also upload photos and stick them on the walls of the room.

When you have finished setting up your avatar persona, feel free to start interacting with your friends. Of course, first, invite them to use the app and go to the virtual plaza.

Interact with friends, such as hanging out in rooms, chatting, exchanging emojis, and more. You can double-tap on the intended friend's avatar.

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