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How to Download the Latest Hifi Rush Game Here's the Size

The new rhythm-based action game Hi-Fi Rush is produced by Tango Gameworks, the studio behind The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo. With crisp cel-shaded graphics and fun gameplay where players must time their hits to the music to deal the most damage, it marks a significant departure from the studio's previous games. 

Below are download sizes and how to download Hi-Fi Rush, a game that was unexpectedly released on Wednesday, January 25th, during Microsoft's Developer Direct event.

How to Download the Hi-Fi Rush PC Game

How Big is the Hi-Fi Rush?

The download file size for Hi-Fi Rush suggests that this isn't a very large game. The install size of the game is around 15.96 GB. This applies to all platforms where it's available, including PC and Xbox Series X and S consoles.

While Hi-Fi Rush is accessible on all three of those platforms via Xbox Game Pass, it's not playable on Xbox One. 

For that reason, those without access to the latest console hardware or without a suitable PC for gaming are sadly denied the chance to enjoy this innovative blend of Jet Set Radio and the vibrant Sunset Overdrive.

If one doesn't subscribe to Xbox-Game-Pass for console and PC, or the Ultimate one, these games are also available to purchase separately. Along with an upgraded version for customers who are already playing the game at no additional cost, there's also a Deluxe Edition that comes with a variety of clothing, weapon skins, and in-game currency.

How to Download Hi-Fi Rush PC

The first thing to note before downloading the Hi-Fi Rush game to PC is to install the Steam application first, it can be easily obtained via the official website here

Go there and register yourself, the method is very easy and users only need to prepare an active email for verification so that the registration process is smooth. After that, just log in using your username and password.

It's also possible to download free games on Steam, while to install Hi-Fi Rush, the method is to type the name of the game you want to find, namely Hi-Fi Rush. The price for this game is around $21,96  and $ 29,36 for the deluxe package.

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