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Bethesda Announced its Latest Game, Hi-Fi Rush on Xbox and PC consoles

Well-known game publishers Bethesda and Xbox have just held a showcase event "Developer_Direct" which released a number of announcements of future plans and the latest games.


Bethesda announced the latest game that is currently available and can be played directly on Xbox and PC consoles, this game is called Hi-Fi Rush. As the name implies, the gameplay is offered here with musical elements presented in the form of a rhythm game.


The rhythm game genre is known for its musical gameplay which invites players to press certain buttons to the rhythm of the music. Well, these elements are poured into hack-n-slash-style fighting action.


Game Hi-Fi Rush tells the story of a teenage Chai with dreams of becoming a rockstar whose body uses robotic implants. His robotic right hand can turn into a guitar to fight but unexpectedly it turns out that on his chest there is a music player.


This object then made Chai able to fight following the rhythm, aka the rhythm of the music. Hi-Fi Rush allows players to fight with their preferred style and combos but each rhythmic attack results in a bonus effect or special combo.


Chai will face enemies in the form of robots and humans who have robotic implants. It also offers platformer gameplay when Chai attacks the headquarters of a robotics company that wants to exterminate Chai because he considers himself a failed product.


Hi-Fi Rush was produced by studio Tango Gameworks, a Bethesda subsidiary that previously worked on a horror-themed game, Ghostwire: Tokyo. Their latest work feels very different.


If Ghostwire: Tokyo has dark elements, Hi-Fi Rush actually has a cheerful and colorful visual style. Here, anime-style graphics are presented with typical comic effects similar to the Persona game.

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