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Before installing the Bondee application, see what Bondee is and what are its Benefits

Bondee is a digital application developed by a technology startup group in Singapore and has been officially launched in January 2023.

Bondee is also one of the social media applications where users are given access to create their own Avatar creations.

The Bondee application is in its heyday, where this application was ranked first compared to other applications in Apple's App Store last week, most teenagers install the Bondee application to try new things in social media.

Bondee is a social virtual game that is almost similar to Habbo Hotel and The Sims, this Avatar game is managed by the technology company Meta Dream.

Bondee allows users to create their own avatars, where users can determine skin color, hairstyle, clothing style, and facial features that vary according to the taste of the wearer.

Bondee also added a wide selection of accessories ranging from shoes, bags, and ombre hairstyles to pets.

In the Bondee Application, users can change the appearance of their Avatar's room, starting from choosing furniture, room decorations, lighting, and the preferred musical atmosphere.

The purpose of making the Bondee application is to become a place to gather because the activity on social media has become increasingly toxic.

Bondee can be an alternative because the interactions are woven using Avatar dolls which look very cute and Bondee allows users to meet friends from all over the world.

With the Bondee Application, users can invite friends or relatives to play together, because the feature provides access to chat or what is called a private or group chat room, in the chat room users can send video, audio, location access, and other funny stickers.

With Bondee users can create statuses like on social media in general, this allows friends who access Bondee to see each other's activities or moods.

Some people are concerned about privacy security when using the Bondee Application, however, according to information from the Team at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Bondee has received support from AWS regarding computing, storage, networking, databases, and Bondee data analytics.

So users can be sure of privacy security when accessing Bondee as a social media application later. You can download Bondee through the Google Play Store.

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