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Yi Sun-Shin Mobile Legends Build Items, Sick Damage without Cheats

Yi Sun-Shin finally came out of the cave after drowning in META Tank and Fighter Jungler  Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Unfortunately, he appeared on a "dark" note because a cheater managed to find a cheat that made this hero have unreasonable damage even when using a sloppy build.

This cheat under the guise of a bug went viral all over social media which was quite disturbing for many players who played honestly. Luckily, Moonton moved quickly by permanently banning Yi Sun-Shin, so that cheaters could no longer act in a fraudulent manner.

In fact, this hero doesn't need a cheat  to have sick damage. Here is Yi Sun-Shin's guide in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang  , starting from selecting the best emblems and building items  !

Emblem of Talent Yi Sun-Shin

As a Jungler , Yi Sun-Shin doesn't need the Jungle emblem to farm faster. This is because Yi Sun-Shin's "lambada" passive is able to eliminate creep monsters faster than other Marksman  .

Instead of focusing on the Jungle side, it's better to increase the damage that Yi Sun-Shin has by using the Assassin emblem . The most suitable passive for this hero is Killing Spree which can restore HP by 12% and increase Movement Speed  ​​by 15% for 3 seconds after eliminating an opposing hero.

Talent Killing Spree can be combined with Agility ( Movement Speed ) and Invasion ( Physical Penetration ). This emblem and talent combination will keep Yi Sun-Shin sustainable in the early game and have great damage when entering the late game .

Build Item This Sun-Shin Condition

Yi Sun-Shin is a Marksman hero who still needs items to have big damage. However, this hero is known to be able to do farming quickly so it's not difficult to get the desired item  . This is the best build item  for Yi Sun-Shin, it hurts even without cheats :

1. Swift Boots

Yi Sun-Shin needs an additional Attack Speed attribute so that the passive possessed by this hero activates more quickly. Therefore, Swift Boots became the most appropriate choice for Yi Sun-Shin as it provided an additional 15% Attack Speed .

As a Jungler , Yi Sun-Shin's suitable Blessing Equipment is Ice Retribution which is able to steal the opponent's 72-100 Movement Speed  ​​for 4 seconds. This effect makes it easier for Yi Sun-Shin to chase opponents who want to escape from passive "lambada".

2. War Axe

Because it has a Fighter/Marksman role  , the unique passive - Fighting Spirit from War Ax will be maximally active, namely an additional 10 Physical Attack  and 2 Physical Penetration  for 3 seconds and an additional 15% Movement Speed  ​​when the stack  is full.

War Ax also provides an additional 10% Cooldown Reduction,  so Yi Sun-Shin opens the map  more often by using his Ultimate  . Something that is very useful in team fights .

3. Blade of Despair

Yi Sun-Shin's damage is very dependent on Physical Attack . The Blade of Despair is an item that Yi Sun-Shin really needs to become a Jungler with great damage in the mid to late game .

As the most expensive item in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang , Blade of Despair is something that players avoid buying in the early game . Luckily, Yi Sun-Shin is able to farm quickly so he can buy this item earlier than other Jungler heroes.

4. Endless Battle

There was no obligation for Yi Sun-Shin to buy Endless Battle. However, the many additional attributes of this item make Yi Sun-Shin still suitable for buying Endless Battle, especially if Yi Sun-Shin is plotted as the executor in the mid  to late game .

5. Malefic Roar

Yi Sun-Shin doesn't need to be afraid to face Tanks with thick Defense items if you buy Malefic Roar. Unique Passive - Armor Buster will help Yi Sun-Shin penetrate any thick opponent's armor. This item  is also useful for dealing with opponents who use the Tank Jungler strategy .

6. Demon Hunter Sword

Just like Malefic Roar, the Demon Hunter Sword can also be used to penetrate the opponent's armor  . Even though currently the strongest META in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a Tank or Fighter  Jungler ,  Yi Sun-Shin is still able to compete as a Jungler  with a combination of these two items  .

Spare Equipment - Immortality, Wind of Nature, dan Winter Truncheon

Yi Sun-Shin users could not continue to selfishly force all item slots using Attack Items . If you are defeated or depressed, you can replace one of the items  above (except Swift Boots) with Immortality, Wind of Nature, or Winter Truncheon items to extend Yi Sun-Shin's breath in the Land of Dawn . 

That's the guide for the hero Yi Sun-Shin Mobile Legends: Bang Bang , starting from emblems and talents , as well as the best build items that still hurt even without cheats . Remember, you don't need to use a cheat that will harm many people (including yourself) to return Yi Sun-Shin to META, because with the guide above this hero is guaranteed to be able to compete in the Land of Dawn as a Jungler .

Yi Sun-Shin himself finally got off the Moonton tires. There are no more cheats under the guise of bugs that can be used by players who are unsure of their skills so that this hero can be used again as a normal hero.

Do you want to become Top Global Yi Sun-Shin Mobile Legends: Bang Bang without cheats ? Use the guide  above, OK!

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