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Tips to get M4 Exclusive Beatrix Action Figures for Collectors

One of the best ways to show how much you love Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is to get a limited edition Beatrix action figure.

Through the official YouTube channel, Moonton announced that it would give an exclusive Beatrix action figure M4 World Championship to those who bought M4 tickets.

This is the second time a figurine has been used as a prize in the M-series pass, previously there was a Roger figurine in last year's M3 pass.

However, buying an M4 pass does not immediately guarantee that you will get a Beatrix action figure, there are conditions that must be met by players.

Requirements that must be met to get the M4 World Championship exclusive Beatrix action figure

The figurine is a 1/8 scale model of this year's PRIME skin, Stellar Brilliance Beatrix, a skin that can only be unlocked once you reach level 75 in the M4 pass.

The statue features the Dawnbreak Soldier in white and gold armor with a futuristic theme.

Don't forget that this action figure is equipped with gold-plated Renner from the back cushions to the muzzle.

The M4 logo is also included on the bottom of the model, along with the official M4 World Championship slogan “Dare to be Great!” written on the back.

Similar to the M3 pass, those who want to get the figurine must first purchase the M4 pass and level it up to 150. After reaching the level requirements, a window will appear where you must enter a delivery address.

You can level up by completing Quest Challenges and participating in M4 events. As an alternative, you can also use Diamonds to buy levels starting on December 24th.

So far the cost of leveling up has not been announced. Reflecting on the M3 pass, at that time each level cost 200 Diamonds, or the equivalent of a total of 29,200 Diamonds if you wanted to break through level 150 from scratch. M4 tickets are available until January 22.

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