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This is the Function of Thumbs Up in the Mobile Legends Game

What is Thumbs Up in the Mobile Legends Game and what is its function? It's been in the game for a long time but you don't know what its function is?

There are various additional features in the Mobile Legends game and one of them has just been implemented by Moonton in-game, that feature is Thumbs Up.

Then what is the meaning and function of the Thumps Up feature in this Mobile Legends Bang: Bang (MLBB) game? Goflay will help explain it to you.

What is Thumbs Up in MLBB

Thumbs Up itself can be interpreted as a thumbs up if we translate it into Indonesian from English.

Usually, this feature is used when you are finished playing, it will be on the left side of the following player feature from the match results. And you press if you are amazed by the player's performance while in-game.

But there is another Thumbs Up feature that you can find on other people's profiles, to be precise at the bottom right of that person's profile.

Usually, this second Thumbs Up feature is used when you like the profile of the player you are looking for, likes starting from the results of the match, kDa, profile photo, etc.

Thumbs Up function

So basically the Thumbs Up function itself is to give our liking to a Mobile Legends player. Whether it's after the match or on his profile directly.

You could say Thumbs Up itself is like a like feature on Facebook, Love on Instagram and so on.

Then will the players who have a lot of Thumbs Up be popular? Yep, that's right, because this feature is connected to charisma, which means you can become the top charisma leaderboard.

How To Raise Thumbs Up

The procedure itself is very easy, such as:

Make more friends

Don't be toxic while playing.

Play properly and seriously.

Friendly to all players.

Send Thumbs Up to others too.


That's a little information from SPIN Esports related to Thumbs Up starting from the function, how to get it and so on.

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