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Further Leaks About the FREE FREE FIRE Elite Pass in December 2022 Season 55

Throughout its release since 2017, Free Fire has presented lots of Passes which are always released at the beginning of every month.

To date, 54 Elite Passes have been issued in Free Fire, which means that 54 Elite Pass skin themes have been released so far.

Entering the end of the month in November 2022, of course, there is no news about the return of the special skin series. Where he will be back in early December 2022.

We have provided leaks regarding the skin theme and pre-order prizes for the Elite Pass Season 55. However, it turns out that before pre-ordering, there is important news that players must know.

So, for those of you who want to know more about the free Elite Pass FF in December 2022 Season 55, here's the information!

Free FF Elite Pass December 2022

Leaks about the free elite pass in the coming month are not just speculation. This is because GM Rido Odiri himself has confirmed this on YouTube Arido, and Garena Free Fire Indonesia has also provided a leak.

Previously, Instagram @freefirebgid indicated that it would release a free elite pass in the coming month with a note if the post's comments reached more than 2,000 comments.

Yep, it's not a Free Fire player if that can't be achieved. Sure enough, within hours the comments on the post reached even more than the admin @freefirebgid asked for.

As promised, Garena Free Fire Indonesia plans to provide a free Elite Pass to all players in December. Unfortunately, it is not known exactly where and what are the conditions for getting it.

The Elite Pass Season 55 will certainly carry the Avalanche Abyss theme, which visually has a winter theme.

As we know, December is synonymous with the theme of winter and snow. So, it's no wonder that the skin series for Elite Pass also carries a winter theme in December.

The two main bundles for that are the Witch of Glaciers Bundle (girls) and the Wizard of Blizzards Bundle (boys), whose main color is white.

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