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This is the Creator of the Sigma Battle Royale Game

Sigma Battle Royale has suddenly become a hot topic among gamers, especially among free-fire enthusiasts of recent battle royale games.

Sigma offers a game very similar to Free Fire, but with a smaller download size and player-friendly animation design, so there's a reason these players are looking for Sigma.

This was also the reason early access to the game was removed from the Play Store as Google deemed Sigma violated its terms.

Some of you may have tried and played the game, but there are some important things you should know before playing the game.

Who created the Sigma Battle Royale game? Is it true that the game was acquired by Garena? Let's find out in the next review!

Who is the creator of the Sigma Battle Royale game

Sigma is known to have been first released on the Google Play Store by Studio Arm Private Limited, which is also believed to be the company that created Sigma.

Studio Arm Private Limited is considered by many to be a Portuguese indie game studio. Most of the documentation for this game is written in Portuguese.

However, this certainty cannot be justified as there is also information that Studio Arm Private Limited is registered as a game developer with his ACRA in Singapore.

Rumors that Sigma was acquired by Galena are not true. Because there was no official statement from Galena about the plagiarism Sigma committed against one of the games he created until the game disappeared from the Play Store.

Considering that Studio Arm Private Limited has also released only one game since its inception, there is no clear information so far regarding the clarity of the Sigma Battle Royale game.

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