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The 2022 Painful Balmond Build Used by RRQ Players

In the MPL S10 Game 3 event, which is the determining game for RRQ Hoshi vs Onic, RRQ Alberttt uses Balmond as a hyper hero. There is no doubt about Alberttt's ability to compete with Retributon. This ability makes this player nicknamed Young Master / Baby Alien. In the MPL S10 Tournament Albertt managed to become the MVP

This Mobile Legends hero with the Fighter role is one of the thickest heroes (difficult to eliminate). when the full item hero this one is very hard and the damage done is very high. The combination of Skill 2 and Skill 3 (ultimate) is very troublesome for your opponent when facing him. Skill 1 which is a very easy blink to be able to escape or ambush the opponent when the opponent runs.

The following is the Painful Balmond Albert Build 2022 MVP MPL S10 :

1. Tough Boots

For Movement Alberttt using Though Boots, this equipment produces:

+40 Movemen Speed

+22 Magical Defense

Unique Passive – Fortitude : Gain 30% Resilience

2. Radiant Armor

Alberttt's 2nd equipment uses Radian Armor which has an additional high HP of up to 950:

+950 HP

+52 Magical Defense

+12 HP Ragen

Unique Passive – Holy Blessing: When taking Magic Damage, deals 5-8 Magic Damage Reduction, scales with level for 3 seconds. Maximum up to 8 Stacks

3. Guardian Helmet

Guardian Helmet is a defense equipment with the largest additional HP up to 1550 HP. With Unique Passive Recovery, Hero's HP will continue to increase by 2.5% every second, so there's no need to Recall when HP starts to run low. When carrying out a good attack on a Hero/ Crab/ minion it will speed up replenishing blood.

+1550 HP

+20 HP Ragen

Unique Passive – Recovery : Recovers 2.5% HP every second (after taking damage every second for 5 seconds it will decrease to 0.5% Max HP)

4. Immortality

Immortality is very important especially during the Late Game, where the time to get up after being eliminated is very long. Using this equipment will help minimize elimination during War in the Late Game. At least it can delay a little and increase confidence during War, where after being eliminated the hero can rise again and have the opportunity to either run away or attack the opponent again.

+800 HP

+20 Physical Defence

Unique Passive – Immortal : When eliminated the hero will revive in 2.5 seconds with 16% Max HP and 220-1200 Shield scales with levels for 3 seconds. Cooldown for 210 seconds

5. Cursed Helmet

After the Guardian Helmet, Albert added the 2nd Equipment Helmet, namely the Cursed Helmet. As we know, where Equipment Helmet has the biggest additional HP. The existence of 2 Helmets makes Balmond beyond doubt his violence.

+ 1200 HP

+25 Magical Defense

Unique Passive – Burning Soul: Deals Magic Damage equal to 1.2% of the Hero's Max HP every second to nearby enemies. This damage is increased by 150% against minions

6. Blade Armor

The last equipment selected is the Blade Armor which gets:

+90 Physical Defense

Atribut Unik : +20% Critical Damage Reduction

Unique Passive – Bladed Reduction : When attacked with Basic Attacks will give Physical Damage equal to 20% of the damage received (calculated before Damage Reduction) +20% Physical Damage Hero to enemies which will slow them down by 15% for 1 second

7. Battle Spell Balmond Alberttt Retribution

The Battle Spell used is Retribution, this is very important for Alberttt in helping RRQ to win in Game 3. Thanks to Retri Alberttt's success in destroying Onic, Alberttt always wins Retri's fights both against Turtle and over the Lord.

Retribution deals 520 (+80*Hero Level) True Damage to target Creeps or Minions.


Creep Rewards increased up to 60%,

Damage received from Creeps reduced by 40%

Gains 15% Damage Reduction in a team's Jungle for the first 2 minutes

No longer sharing Minion rewards with a teammate Hero for the first 5 minutes

Blessing: Accumulate 5 Elimination of Crepp, Elimination of Hero, or Assiss to increase Spell according to Blessing and Jungle Footwear and 10 to gain 10 Physical Attack Magic Power and 100 Max HP.

8. Emblem Balmond Alberttt

For Emblem using Jungler:

Brutal : Damage to Monster +7.00%

Knowledge: Battle Spell Cooldown Reduction +2.00

Mage Killer: Damage dealt to Lord, Turtle and Turret increased by 20%. Damage received from Lord and Turtle reduced by 20%

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