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PUBG Mobile Arrival of 20 New Lionel Messi Themed Items

PUBG Mobile announced the arrival of 20 new Lionel Messi themed items that will be present in the game. Among them are a collection of special costumes and items that will help players release their strength and energy on the battlefield.

Players can become a legend in their own right in a number of Captain Messi-themed costumes, as well as new accessories with ornaments, parachutes, frying pans and more.

According to the official PUBG Mobile statement, Saturday (26/11/2022), Messi Football Icon themed items include costumes, head accessories, backpacks, helmets, pans, Bizon PP-19, Mini14, MK47, AKM, ornaments, and new themed grenades.

Furthermore, there is an item titled Messi Super Legend which includes costumes, hats, masks and parachutes. Finally, there are Messi Collaboration items in the form of costumes, planes, hoverboards, dacias and ornaments.

Players can also still get the PUBG Mobile X Messi Collaboration Exclusive Jersey via an invitation sharing event, but this is only available for a limited time.

"It's great to see PUBG Mobile reveal the items we've been working on together, I can't wait to see the players in our amazing new costumes," said Messi.

Meanwhile, Head of PUBG Mobile Publishing, Tencent Games, Vincent Wang said that it was an honor to capture it at PUBG Mobile.

“This is a big moment for both PUBG Mobile players and football fans, and I hope everyone enjoys unleashing their power with this truly special in-game item,” said Vincent.

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