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Interesting Statistics of Moskov in Mobile Legends which will be Revamped Next Year

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) has recently revealed the statistics for the Moskov hero used in matches with Mythic V tier and above.

Moskov is a Mobile Legends hero with the Marksman role. This hero has high attack speed and burst damage so he will be strong in the late game.

Apart from that, Moskov is also reported to have been chosen to get a revamp from Moonton next year. The revamp will change the ultimate skill in Moskov.

Processed from MLBB's official statement, Tuesday (29/11/2022), the following are Moskov's statistics obtained from November 14-20 2022.

Out of a total of 4,271,054 matches, Moskov got the most kills in one game, reaching 35 kills.

This, of course, can prove that this hero is a very strong hero and can become overpowered if in the right hands, due to the fact that this hero is one of the heroes that is difficult for players to master.

With the ability to penetrate to the rear of the opponent's formation, Moskov was able to record 381,123 damage in one match, get the highest gold with a total of 4,271,054 in one match, and get savage up to 92,064 times.

The build item that is often used in every Moskov match is Berserkers Fury, this item is one of Moskov's core items because it increases the crit chance.

Berserkers Fury himself, helps destroy enemies with his basic attacks. The role of this item will provide 50% physical attack and + 25% crit.

Apart from that, this hero has also experienced quite a high death rate in one match, reaching 26 eliminations.

The match with the longest duration that this hero has ever done is reaching 49 minutes 25 seconds.

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