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Now Clash of Clans Presents Level 15 with the Theme of "Magic" Like Never Before

After holding a world championship to exciting gatherings, Clash of Clans now presents level 15 with the theme "Magic" like never before, which presents new defense buildings namely Spell Towers & Monoliths, new Electro Titan platoons, Combat Digger machines, Calling Spells aka recall, and four new hero pets. 

Since the level 15 update, many have also said that this is the richest and most interesting content in the history of Clash of Clans so far.

It should be noted that, unlike the previous version, the  Clash of Clans theme this time is "Magic", with a mysterious and luxurious purple and gold color.

This update has ushered in an unprecedented tribal overhaul, as well as brought some changes to the combat system.

Many old clan players also said that although the array formation and offensive tactics from level 15 changed a lot and it is necessary to continue experimenting, it is also the greatest joy of the game. 

Then comes a new troop, namely the Electro Titan, a high-blooded character who can cause massive damage to enemies. The unique lightning circle can cause damage to all units within the circle except the city wall, and also has a good restraint effect on small units such as lava dogs.

There are also two new defensive buildings, namely Spell Towers and Monoliths. The Spell Tower is different from the Witch Tower because after the update it can cast different spells, starting from the Rage Spell from Level 1, the Poison Spell from Level 2, or even the Dispel Spell from Level 3 (which can make nearby units and defensive buildings invisible to the enemy). temporary).

Meanwhile, Monolith is a special building for tanks, which when attacking not only has a basic damage value but also provides additional damage based on the target's maximum.

There's also a new summoning spell, or recall, that can summon troops from the battlefield and transport them elsewhere. The appearance of summoning spells would test old clan players' control and flexibility in battlefield situations. Whether to encircle or divide troops to encircle the enemy, all depended on genius minds.

To make the game even more exciting, there is also a Combat Digger aka Battle Drill which is part of this update. As the name suggests, combat diggers are used to drill into the ground, then emerge from the ground unexpectedly to attack nearby defenses and immobilize them for 2 seconds.

The appearance of the combat digger means that players have more ways to break through the opponent's defenses, and if used flexibly, they can quickly enter the clan to win.

Finally, there is also a hero pet that has become a favorite and is the talk of many clan players. So far, players have matched multiple genres with heroes according to the pet's characteristics and attack style, including the combination Unicorn + Healer + Archer Queen, Giant Buffalo + Barbarian King, and many more.

Therefore, four new hero pets are coming in the new version, which will further enrich the player's collection. So what are you waiting for? Open the Clash of Clans game on your smartphone and enjoy the latest update!

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