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List of Interesting Facts about Hero Karina in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends provides many Hero releases that have interesting backgrounds or separate stories that make people curious. Then the appearance of 8 Interesting Facts about Hero Karina in Mobile Legends (ML), is indeed something good. Because we will find out if this Hero Karina actually has any facts that make her very strong.

Especially with several other heroes that have appeared in the Mobile Legends game, all of them have their own stories. Even their strengths will also become more obvious if you see them in the game directly to conclude the game better.

Then, like the 8 facts about Tigreal Mobile Legends heroes, so far Tigreal and Fanny have been a brother and sister. Even in all types of war, Tigreal has great strength to face the enemy. How about Karina? certainly has its own strengths and stories until now.

Then for 8 Interesting Facts about Hero Karina in Mobile Legends (ML), it will indeed explain what Karina is like. Strength and also maybe a bit of Karina's flashback story will make you even more curious to use this strongest Hero now.

Serving the Moon God Despite being a Dark Elf

Moon God is one of the most High things, especially for the Elves so they worship him. Even serving a Moon God is such a great gift, thanks to Karina, who until now continues to do this.

Karina served everything that the Moon God ordered for the good of all, moreover, something did seem normal about all of this. It turns out that Karina is a Dark Elf, indeed it becomes something contradictory even though Karina is not a creature that is so evil.

Interesting Facts Hero Karina in Mobile Legends is Selena's sister

If you know the Interesting Facts about the Hero Selena in Mobile Legends, it is useful to know that Selena is Karina's sister. Like a Brother and Sister, moreover their skin also appears on the Zodiac. Even so, at first it looked peaceful and there were no problems, until finally Selena got into trouble and separated from Karina.

Selena fell into the Abyss and received considerable power, thus turning her into a powerful monster. Even though the two of them have separated and have differences from circumstances, Karina and Selena are still among the most famous sisters in Mobile Legends.

Never Lost Against Selena

In this situation, the older sister is Karina and the younger sister is Selena, apparently Karina herself once lost and had to accept that from her older sister Selena. Because when Selena's naivety finally sacrificed herself to Abyss, the leader of Abyss absorbed all of Selena's goodness.

They also gave Selena evil intentions, to kill Karina without mercy. The battle that caused the Brother and Sister to fight instantly, but the winner was Selena. Karina lost to her own sister, making her leave Shadow Swanp and explore the Land of Despair.

Back with the strong power of Darkness, Karina wants to kill many Abysses and bring her sister back home.

Interesting Facts Hero Karina Mobile Legends is a hero who has undergone many changes

Other facts that Esports I know about Karina, it seems that this Hero has gone through a lot of significant changes. Both from the graphics, models and also the form of the hero is now full of changes which quite affect your game.

Of course, after getting a strong Revamp, finally Karina becomes one of the heroes that is quite deadly. Killing every enemy without mercy, moreover, it can make it easier for us to deal with each enemy quickly.

Assassin Dengan Chain Ultimate

Chain Ultimate is a Hero that can attack 1 Hero past another hero, this effect is quite deadly for some existing Heroes. Of course, with your playing skills in your own matches, Karina can do Chain Ultimate on enemies in several stages.

Based on my own Esports experience, the skill of this hero Ultimate Chain is a must for enemies with low HP. Because the Ultimate Skill itself can give us a reduction in Cooldown / Reset, if we succeed in killing. That's why if Karina is a hero who is good at kill steal too, takes Kill friends with Ultimate.

Interesting Facts about Hero Karina Mobile Legends is Having a Free Collaboration Skin

If you remember the cooperation skin from King Of Fighter now, surely you won't miss Karina turning into Leona. Yup, this is one of the first offerings from the Mobile Legends game, as one of the free skins that we can have from Karina.

As a good and cool collaboration, of course the players themselves feel interested in all of this. Even according to my own Esports, Karina Leona is a much better skin than the existing Epic Limited. But if you want to get it again it won't be free, lucky – lucky you can alias not from the Upcoming KOF Event.

Subscription Banned After Revamp

Don't know why and maybe just a coincidence, Karina became one of the Banned Rank Subscribers after getting a Revamp. Of course maybe because of the very strong power in the match, it also makes it difficult for us to fight it.

Because of that reason, maybe Karina became a Ban Subscriber after getting Revamp. Even if my Esports wants to rank using Karina, it always doesn't work and ends up venting this matter on Classic Mode only.

Interesting Facts about Hero Karina in Mobile Legends is that she has an immune skill

Interesting Facts about Hero Karina in Mobile Legends 

Apart from Ultimate and Skill 2 which is painful, apparently Karina's Skill 1 can make her very invulnerable. Of course in this Skill 1 mode, Karina will become immune from any type of Basic Attack, that's why Karina can kidnap Marksman Hero quite easily.

You only need to rely on Skill 1 correctly, then attack using Ultimate Skill and Beat using basic attacks. Skill 1 itself will increase Damage on Basic Attack, which will automatically become Critical if you do it right and right.

But remember this is only immune to Basic Attacks, if for example the enemy uses a Skill then that's a different story. That's why Skill 1 is suitable for unlocked heroes, if for example a Mage like Aurora or Eudora, you have to take cover or wait for them to use CC Skills first.

After knowing 8 Interesting Facts about Hero Karina in Mobile Legends, now that you know this, it sounds really encouraging. Because Karina's skills are much better than before, it will make players want to know as exciting the facts about this hero.

Especially for Counter Hero Karina Mobile Legends, you have to know and pay attention to your enemies as best you can later. So that using Karina doesn't become Feed from the Counter, even though this is a strong hero but playing wrong is useless.

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