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How to Use Skill 1 Franco Auto Pull Enemies in Mobile Legends

You should know that in the following there are several ways you can do so that you are good at using skill 1 Franco in Mobile Legends, pay close attention!

Franco is the only tank hero in Mobile Legends who have been popular for many seasons.

Especially in Mythic ranks and below, this one roamer hero is so popular and highly relied on by players.

Especially after Moonton presented his newest skin in the form of a Legend skin, making Franco even more contested by players in the Mobile Legends rank.

Regarding that, the key to playing Franco himself is in skill 1 which is quite difficult to master, but SPIN Esports has tips for being good at mastering skill 1 Franco, what are the tips?

Practice & Practice

The first effective way is to practice and keep practicing, it's true if you are still the first or not used to using skill 1 Franco will have difficulty.

However, if you are used to it, playing Franco more than 10 times in a row, surely you will be able to feel using this skill 1.

Often Use Other Instinct Heroes

The last way is to use other instinct heroes such as Selena, Minsitthar, Argus, and so on.

This is done so that you get used to using skills that are full of calculations reading your opponent's movements, so when using skill 1 Franco you can guess where your opponent is moving.

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