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How to Maximize CG15 Weapons in Free Fire Battles

The CG15 weapon can be said to be a unique weapon in the Free Fire game. The reason is, this weapon is included in the SMG class but has a character like a Sniper. One of them is because this weapon has 2 different scene modes.

For this reason, many Free Fire players call this weapon a combination of SMG and Sniper. It's a good idea to first study the specifications of this weapon so you can use it to kill enemies and win wars.

The First Weapon Using Charge Attack

Most of the weapons in Free Fire must be reloaded and overheated first so they can deal great damage but they are different from CG15. To produce great damage, you must first do a Charge Attack.

Wait until the weapon's stats bar is full then try to shoot your enemy. The results before and after carrying out a Charge Attack are definitely different. The enemy's HP will decrease more if your CG15 weapon is Charged. This is one of the tricks so you can kill enemies more swiftly using only CG15.

Enter the SMG Weapon Category

Even though it has similar specifications to a Sniper, this weapon is included in the SMG category. This type of weapon is very effective during Rush. Apart from the CG15 category, in fact the performance of this weapon is more optimal when used as a sniper.

Uses 2 Attack Modes

The CG15 weapon is known as SMG and Sniper, one of them because it has 2 modes of attack. It is said to be a Sniper because you can use Scope mode when shooting. Just imagine, with this mode CG15 can deal up to 999 damage.

Instead, you can change the mode to SMG mode. His attack power seems to have dropped drastically. When using SMG mode, this weapon can only deal around 50 points of damage. At least the SMG type is useful when the enemy attacks you suddenly.

Fires One Bullet Each Time Shot

CG15 only issues one bullet each time it is used to shoot. Therefore, you must first charge this weapon to produce greater damage.

According to the specifications, this type of weapon is very suitable for use by characters with a fairly high level of shooting accuracy. Usually, this weapon is also used for long-distance combat.

CG15 Weapon Statistics in Free Fire 

If you look at the statistics for this weapon on the official website, the magazine value is very low, namely 20. Apart from that, this weapon also has no armor penetration at all. The highest value is the speed of movement which reaches 77 points.

The points for the range are 71 while the damage is only 50 points. This weapon's rate of fire reaches 69 points, while its reloading speed reaches 62. The accuracy is also not too high because the value is only 60 points.

Tricks to Use CG15 Weapons in Free Fire Battles 

Even though it is classified as a weapon that is not very qualified, you can still use this weapon to the fullest. Here are some tricks you can apply.

Use the Right Shooting Mode and Distance

The firing mode and distance when using this SMG weapon are very important. This weapon can be used for long range combat if you use Sniper mode. If you use SMG mode, then use this weapon to finish off enemies at close range.

Do a Jumpshot While Avoiding Enemies

With the skill of removing just 1 bullet every time you shoot, you will be very vulnerable to getting attacks from the enemy again. Imagine, if the enemy uses a Rifle type weapon that can issue a lot of bullets with just one shot.

Of course you will lose. One of the effective tricks is to do a jumpshot while avoiding enemy fire. This method makes your character jump while shooting.

Enemies will find it difficult to hit moving targets, especially if the level of accuracy of the weapons they use is very low. This technique allows you to keep trying to shoot enemies while avoiding counterattacks.

Combine with Other Weapons

Another alternative is to combine this CG15 with other weapons. One type of weapon that is perfect when combined with CG15 is an AR type weapon, for example M14. By combining 2 different weapons, you can attack enemies regardless of the distance of the attack.

CG15 Skin Recommendations

Apart from doing the trick above, you can also improve the performance of this weapon by using skins.


This skin is easy to get. You just need to visit the Armory Shop and buy it. By using this skin, your CG15 will have more magazines and better accuracy.

In addition, the appearance of the color of this weapon also changes to a mixture of blue, white and yellow. Unfortunately, this skin will reduce CG15's reload speed by 1 point. You have to immediately run or hide when your bullets disappear because the process of filling the bullets takes a little longer.


If you want a cool CG15 to look but still improve its performance, then Phantom is the right skin. Your weapon will change color to a gold and white alloy. In addition, there is an additional 2 points for the level of damage.

One of the drawbacks is that your weapon's magazine will decrease by 1 point. Phantom skin is classified as a skin that is hard to get. You can only get this skin via spin. Enter the Luck Royale feature and select the Gold Rush section.

Do a spin by removing Gold. You need 500 gold for 1 spin and 5000 gold for 10 spins. Even by doing this trick, you don't necessarily get a Phantom skin.

Now, knowing the specifications of the CG15, you don't need to hesitate anymore to use this weapon. Make sure you choose the right Free Fire character. After that, use it according to the specifications in order to injure the enemy to the maximum. Don't forget to also use the right skin so that the performance of the CG15 weapon increases.

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