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How to get the Realm of Sunland Free Fire Blueprints

Free Fire has released a lot of the latest updates which are quite diverse for us to just play with some of these good things. Then for How to Get the Blueprint Realm of Sunland Free Fire, you immediately have the gift. The Blueprint Realm of Sunland itself is so cool that we can collect it first.

In several types of updates that come in this Free Fire game, of course, it provides various types of the latest events and of course you have to play them. There are various new challenges that come into this game, making us have to complete each of the existing missions.

Especially for the presence of a large number of Free Fire Incubator Skin Lists, it sounds really cool and has many types too. Especially from the style of appearance, the themes that we will receive all of them really sound really cool.

To get the Blueprint Realm of Sunland Free Fire, it's a cool gift for you to play right now. Become a cool new gift with the process of getting Blueprint Real of Sunland items from Top Up or Spin during the Event.

Enter the Free Fire Game

Your first step is to enter the Free Fire game first, so we can get the Realm of Sunland Blueprint right now. Only available as long as the November 2022 Incubator exists and the event that runs from 16 – 23 November 2022 is coming.

Open the Top Up Bonus Event

Then you can immediately open the Event first, so that later you can immediately get a gift like this. There will be a Free Fire Top Up Bonus Mission that will give us a new Blueprint Realm of Sunland right now.

Top Up 140 Diamond

Only by topping up 140 Diamonds, so we can get the Blueprint of the Realm of Sunland in Free Fire. Even so, players can immediately receive other gifts easily from here.

Doing an Incubator Spin

So as long as the Realm of Sunland Incubator remains available, players will also get a Realm of Sunland Blueprint that already exists today. So that way the players can immediately have this gift.

Use For Bundle Conversion

If so, then we can use it to exchange Incubator Bundles and also receive the existing parcels. That way, players will soon receive something cool from the Blueprint Incubator Realm of Sunland.

Of course, by having the Realm of Sunland Blueprint, players can immediately get each of these gifts. So it really feels so easy and fast, so you really don't want to miss everything that has appeared.

Especially looking at the appearance of the November 2022 Free Fire Incubator, it does look so cool when you have it. The appearance that fits and is very good, makes this skin even more stable when we use it in a match.

Because how to get the Blueprint Realm of Sunland Free Fire (FF) is quite easy, you really need to know it now. All you have to do is follow the Esports method I give, then players can immediately get these gifts so easily and it's not too difficult with this.

Especially the Free Fire Spin Hockey Tips, the good opportunity to have this main prize will become even easier. Of course those of you who do it won't be confused, because it increases the chance of having a gift like this.

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