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How to Get Cool StarSea Beast FF Pickup Truck Skins for Free in This Mission!

FFWS 2022 Bangkok's presence has enhanced the player's experience at Free Fire in recent weeks. The game is full of prizes, some of which you can get for free.

One of the new special interface events this time is titled Fight as One, in which players can complete several missions and take a spin to get a special FFWS skin for them.

One of the free missions that players can complete is FFWS Card Collection. This event started a while ago with the main prize for cool pickup truck skins.

If you want to know how to get the Starsea Beast FF pickup truck skin for free, take a look at the information below.

Cool Stars Beast FF Pickup Truck Skin

The exclusive Star Sea Beast pickup truck is one of the skin themes included in the FFWS 2022 Bangkok edition. As you know, FFWS 2022 Bangkok showed off very cool skin with a distinctive blue color.

Given how many pickup trucks are used in Battle Royale mode, this of course will be very interesting. You can get it cheaply by completing the FFWS card collection.

As the name suggests, the player is asked to collect some of his FFWS cards in his Fight as His One special event tab.

To win the main prize, he must collect his 12 league cards representing one of the 11 regions that participated in FFWS 2022.

League cards can be obtained by opening progress prizes and awakening rewards. Sesto prizes that can be obtained continuously even after opening are prizes that can be opened as many times as you like with league cards.

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