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Hero Mage Aurora And Gord Underrated In Mobile Legends

The use of skills is very crucial in using heroes. Because each hero has different skills. Some have high damage skills, some have strong CC to limit enemy movement such as slow alias stun.

A mage is a hero who has magical damage with the skills he possesses. Many mage heroes also have skills with CC such as stun, slow, root and others. Depends on the hero you use of course.

Heroes like Aurora and Gord have skills with strong CC. In addition, the skills they have also have an AoE that is wide enough to attack many enemies. Because of that, they are very strong in teamfights.

Here we will discuss about Hero Mage Aurora and Gord Underated in Mobile Legends, which you can find out. These two heroes are rarely used, but actually have very strong skills as mages in Mobile Legends.

Hero Mage Aurora and Gord Underrated in Mobile Legends

Aurora and Gord are mage heroes with very strong CC skills. Aurora can freeze enemies with her ice skills, while Gord can provide CC such as Slow and stun with a very wide AoE.

Even so, these two heroes seem to be in the lower tier, with a fairly low pick rate. Maybe because there are many mages who are stronger than these two mages, aka these two heroes are difficult to play solo.

Here we will discuss Aurora and Gord in Mobile Legends, as mage heroes who are relatively annoying.


Aurora is a mage hero who has strong burst skills. He also has strong CC skills. Every time she uses a skill, Aurora will get a stack that makes her next skill attack freeze the enemy.

The thing that makes Aurora a lower tier hero is that she takes too long to be able to use her skills. It took a long time for him to collect stacks and freeze enemies. In addition, he also does not have escape skills.

Even though this one hero doesn't have escape skills, the skills he has can hit many enemies. Besides that, if he uses his ultimate skill well, he can freeze almost all enemy heroes.


Gord is a mage hero with very strong CC and also has a wide AoE. He has slow and stun skills where his skill area is very wide. With his skills, the enemy will have difficulty moving.

However, Gord also did not have good escape skills. He must be able to try to give a slow alias stun to the enemy so that he can run away from the enemy. If the enemy has Anti CC, Gord will have difficulty attacking or running away from the enemy.

If it hits an enemy, Gord can attack easily. Because the skills it has been far enough away. You can use the skill easily too, so you can use it well.

Those are tips about Hero Mage Aurora and Gord Underated in Mobile Legends, which you might try. These two mage heroes can make it difficult for your enemies to move, because the CC of the skills on these two heroes.

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