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Explanation of What is Skill Shot in MOBA and How to Master it

Maybe some of you often hear the term skillshot, but many don't know what skillshot is in MOBA. It seems that you often encounter this subject, it's just that maybe it's not clear enough.

Skillshot itself is a very important thing to learn. For some of the characters, heroes, or champions in your game, a lot depends on skillshot. Without this skill you will not reach their highest potential.

This time, we will examine skillshot together and about how to increase your potential. For casual players, aka tryhard, you must know one of these crucial essentials.

What is Skillshot in Moba

Skillshot is one of the unique features in MOBA games (multiplayer online battle arena) such as Mobile Legends and League of Legends. This feature allows players to fire projectiles or use skills that must be aimed precisely at the enemy by using a reticle or a support sign on the screen.

Using the right skillshot can help win matches in MOBA games. However, not all players can easily use skillshot properly. So you have to be able to hone this skill by yourself.

Of course those who want to improve their skills must understand some of the tips and steps to hone the skillshot below. There are a number of steps and tips that might help you get even better at it.

How to Sharpen Your Skillshot

Even though it's not an easy matter, skillshot is very important to master. This is so that you can reach the highest potential of your character alias hero. For some heroes it is even mandatory because skillshot is fundamentally important.

Learn Each Hero

Learn how to work skills that are owned by heroes. Each hero has different skills, so it's crucial to know how these skills work so you can use them properly.

Each hero has a different skillshot. There are easy to difficult ones, there are single targets and there are also AoE ones. So they can't all be hit flat about their respective skillshots.

Practice Your Aims

Practice aiming alias shooting skills. This exercise can help improve skills in determining the direction and distance of the shot, so that it can use skillsshot more precisely.

Especially for heroes, aka characters whose skillshots must be observant and pinpoint. For some heroes there might be something that isn't that much of a problem, for example AoE heroes, but there are also many heroes who must be 100% observant.

Take advantage of Game Features

Use the reticle support feature on the screen. The reticle can help determine the direction and distance of the shot, making it easier to use skillshot.

Each MOBA game will have a reticle or direction that will help when casting skills. You have to take advantage of this feature both to try to be more observant or to guess enemy activity.

Understand Combos

Practice skill combination skills. Several heroes have skills that can be used simultaneously to increase damage or other effects. Practice skills using this skill combination to make better use of skill shots.

With skill combos, you can launch skillshot more observantly and consistently. Not only that, there are several heroes and characters that allow you to be able to do all their skillshot!

Monitor Map, Sharpen Vision

Monitor the situation on the map and catch the right moment. Only use skillshot when the time is right, for example when the enemy is weak or stuck in a certain area.

So, that's a little explanation about what is a skillshot in MOBA and how to hone it. Hopefully you guys can understand a little bit and won't be confused anymore about skillshot because it's very important.

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