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A quick way to Collect Galaxy Tailor Token FF for Galaxy Evo Bundle Upgrades

FFWS 2022: Fight as One is the main theme for the newest Free Fire event welcoming the FFWS 2022 Bangkok esports tournament.

In the theme of the event, a very cool skin theme was released and has caught the attention of players in recent times.

The Galaxy theme adorns Free Fire with lots of cool skins. Of all that, bundle evolution is the most popular concern so far.

The certainty of the emergence of this Bundle itself has been leaked by YouTube Arido some time ago, it will be released in the Faded Wheel event titled Galaxy Wheel.

There, you can have the Evo Bundle Galaxy by doing a spin, but that doesn't include all the effects up to the emotes that are specifically present in the bundle.

You can collect Galaxy Tailor Token FF to upgrade your bundle to the maximum in the following way!

Galaxy Tailor Token FF

Not Token Tower, GM Rido Odiri has confirmed that the Navy Starsea Bundle will be released in the latest Faded Wheel event in the near future.

As the title suggests, Navy Starsea can evolve into several different color displays, namely blue, orange, purple and red.

Not only that, the owner of this bundle also gets other benefits such as cooler effects and animations, of course, and you can use them however you like.

To get everything, players must upgrade the bundle to the maximum level using the Galaxy Tailor Token which can be obtained through several events.

Galaxy Tailor Token can currently be owned through Token Royale which is already available in the latest Luck Royale. You can do 1 spin using 9 diamonds and 5 spins for 39 diamonds.

When it's released on November 26, it's possible that the Galaxy Tailor Token can also be obtained at the Shop. However, it is not yet known how much you will have to pay for it.

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