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8 Errors in Epic Mobile Legends Players, These Are What Makes You Stuck!

These are some mistakes that are always made by Epic players in Mobile Legends. One of the best MOBA games, Mobile Legends is currently very popular among teenagers and children.

To reach a high rank in the Mobile Legends game, the first thing you have to do is pass the rank called Epic. This rank is often referred to as the State rank in this game made by Moonton.

Many also get the nickname Eternal Epic, where these players are stuck at this rank and cannot get out, alias go up to the next rank. So you need some tips to get through it.

For this reason, Esportsku this time will provide several reasons why players are still stuck at Epic rank in Mobile Legends. By knowing this, you can easily pass the rank of this one country. Curious?

Some Epic Mobile Legends Player Mistakes

Consider the following, some of the mistakes that players often make until they are stuck at the Epic rank in the Mobile Legends game.

Always Play Solo

The first mistake is always playing solo, this has its own challenges. The players usually play alone alias solo because they don't have friends to play with.

Sometimes, these players really don't concentrate on playing, and only play for fun, therefore, instead of waiting for friends, it's better to play alone so that matchmaking is faster.

But you need to know, playing solo is the main scourge for players to always get defeated, indeed once or twice winning is quite reasonable, but you will also often lose, until your rank only goes up and down.

Playing Non-Meta Heroes

The second Epic player mistake is playing a non-meta hero. Using your own meta hero will increase your skills in playing.

So using this hero will increase your winning percentage even higher, because the hero you are using will deal high damage and dominate the match.

Meet Toxic Users and Become Toxic

The third mistake of the Epic Mobile Legends Player is meeting a user alias a toxic player, aka you yourself are a Toxic player. If you feel it, you should avoid this attitude so that you can play smoothly.

Try not to chat unnecessarily, such as calling out other players, or things that can provoke other emotions. If necessary, turn off the chat feature, so that it is safe and not disturbed while playing.

Not Playing Objectives

Next is not playing objectively. This is a fatal thing because players will not be able to overcome the opponent's strategy.

By thinking objectively you can figure out the game strategy that is currently in progress, as well as how to carry out good attacks. Play calmly with concentration on team strategy and avoid these Epic Mobile Legends Player Mistakes.

Painful Lane Protection

Next, the cause of being stuck at Epic rank is lousy Lane Protection. Yep, as the name suggests, you often miss the turret when playing. You need to pay attention to this when playing the Mobile Legends game.

For example, there must be several players who concentrate on playing as a creal lane, aka push turret. Even though you are in a precarious situation and you lose in terms of net worth, with a superior lane, you can turn things around.

Not Using Hero Counter

The hero counter problem is very crucial for you to do. Hero counter is a hero which can be used to overcome targeted heroes. For example, the enemy uses the Fanny hero, so you must use the Saber hero.

Each hero has their own hero counter, which you have to pay attention to so that in a match you can excel and be able to beat meta heroes in Mobile Legends.

Not Seeing Counter Items

Next Error Player Epic Mobile Legends does not look at item counters. In this case it is very crucial, especially in the late game. The players must use their respective enemy hero counter items.

For example, during the late game, you must use items that have high Physical Defense, then in the early game you must use magical defense, and if the enemy uses a heal hero, use life drain items such as Sea Halberd, NoD, and Dominance Ice.

Not Banning Meta Hero

The next Epic ML Player error is not banning meta heroes. Where meta heroes will be very annoying in your game, thus requiring players to always ban these heroes.

Therefore, you must ban meta heroes so that later, your game can be better because there are no annoying heroes from the opponent.

Lack of Role Hero in the Team

The next mistake that Epic ML players often make is choosing roles that are messy. Every match, try to have one hero who uses a tank. This hero is a must have.

However, many players currently use more core heroes than tank heroes, so these tank heroes rarely come and are even more reluctant to play. The absence of this role will make the game chaotic and difficult to win.

Lack of Self-Confidence

Finally, the mistake of Epic Mobile Legends players is a lack of confidence. When you meet a good team in the early game, usually your mentality will immediately shrink, and you won't be confident anymore to win.

In fact, this kind of game allows players to make epic comebacks. So that confidence will make you able to win more often.

So that's all for the review regarding the mistakes of Epic Mobile Legends players that make your rank stuck from Epic Abadi. Hopefully useful and useful for those of you who need it.

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