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4 Ways to get Ash Avron's Pet Skin and 10 free Free Fire Incubator Vouchers in this Mission

To welcome the second FFWS 2022 event this year, Free Fire gives players an event with lots of free prizes in it.

The event titled FFWS 2022: Fight as One has been around for a few days with a series of missions and attractive prizes.

Due to the release of a special skin theme for the first time in FFWS, this event was quite popular with players. So, one of the prizes that you can get in the FFWS 2022 event is a skin for the newest pet

Want to know how to get Ash Avron's Pet Skin and 10 Free FF Incubator Vouchers in a mission? Come on, see the following article!

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Pet Skin Ash Avron and 10 FF Incubator Vouchers

Avron is one of the newest pets in Free Fire which is quite useful for players. Especially with his skill being able to show enemy positions within a maximum distance of 50 meters, then last for 6 seconds for visible enemies.

Avron can be owned for free in a login mission in the FFWS 2022: Fight as One event. Likewise, with the skin for the pet you can get by completing playing missions.

Apart from that, you can also get other attractive prizes such as 10 free Incubator Vouchers which are very useful for spins on the newest Incubator.

You can complete the Play Missions that are already available in the Booyah Ramadan event tab from tomorrow, 26 to 28 November 2022.

The following is a list of missions and prizes that you can later claim in the FFWS Peak Day mission:

1 day login: Music Prelude to Battle

Play 20 minutes: Fight as One FFWS 2022 Token

Play 40 minutes: Pet Skin Ash Avron

Play 80 minutes: 10 Incubator Vouchers

That's information about how to get the latest Free Fire pet skin for free at an event.

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