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World of Warcraft Player Reaches Level 60 In Just 3 Hours

One World of Warcraft player explained how he reached level 60 in just 3 hours. Winds of Wisdom may be gone, but that doesn't stop players from quickly leveling up their characters in World of Warcraft. One of his players, nicknamed Harldan, reached level 60 in just three hours and posted a video guide explaining how to do it.

Since the Dragonflight pre-patch was released, players have been enthusiastic about leveling up and the bonus EXP provided by his 18th anniversary of World of Warcraft.

One of World of Warcraft's best things about him is alt-leveling up. World of Warcraft players does not need to complete all previous content in the game. Also included in Shadowlands is his Chromie Time, so you can choose to fully level it up to your liking. 

Some of her World of Warcraft players have taken this idea to the extreme, seeing how quickly she can bridge the level gap between her main character and her ALT.

For Harldan, reaching level 60 in about three hours was not only a possibility but a guarantee after Dragonflight's leveling changes. 

After accomplishing his feat during the Dragonflight pre-patch, Haldan posted helpful guides on his YouTube and Reddit. It details how players can achieve the same amount of time to make leveling as efficient as possible.

Now, the condition for catching up on this rapid leveling is that the player has unlocked Alliance Races in World of Warcraft. 

This is because you automatically go through his first 10 levels of the game. If so, Harldan stressed that the zone of choice to start your leveling journey should always be Exile's Reach. found it inefficient compared to the cleanly designed Exiles Reach introduced in Shadowlands.

His leveling guide then takes players through some of World of Warcraft's most popular leveling zones. To be fair, Harldan created a guide that takes player factions into account, providing routes for Horde and Alliance players. 

The Hinterlands, Redridge Mountains, and Silverpine Forest all made an appearance, but the Draenar warlord zone seemed to be the highlight.

Shadowlands can now take World of Warcraft players from level 10 to level 60, but neither zone is considered streamlined and players can miss them on their way to the Dragon Isles. The cap will be extended to level 70 in just 11 days from now, but Harldan has also created a leveling guide for Dragonflight. 

This could be useful in future expansions if you want to level up multiple characters at once.Yes, you can repeat for other characters as long as you follow the initial guide smoothly.

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