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Pick Lesley, Don't be Passionate In The Early Game, So That The Damage Hurts

When you choose to play Lesley in Mobile Legends, you need to know one most important things about Lesley. what is that?

Lesley is a marksman hero with the highest level of popularity among other marksmen in her current Mobile Legends meta.

The modifications Moonton gave him were a huge success and he gained his current popularity.

However, even though the OP is terrible, it can't be used as it is, so there are important things to be aware of when playing Leslie to maximize her abilities.

Don't get lustful at the beginning of the game

The real thing to watch out for when using Leslie is not to get too engrossed in the beginning.

But remember, for Leslie to play as a Barbarian, he needs at least two items. If the item hasn't been crafted yet or is in the early stages of the game, we recommend paying in installments first.

When the enemy is dying, it's important to aim the turrets first and pay attention to the environment, whether the enemy team wants your gang or not.

The point is, you have to play it safe in the early game. Given Leslie's high damage, you'll have to play with caution and be careful not to get too enthusiastic.

This is one of the key things you have to do when playing Leslie on Mobile He's Legend, do you have anything to add?

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