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Tips to fix Aim Overwatch 2 on PC and Consoles

Overwatch 2 players find the gameplay too light compared to OW1. Overwatch 2 has undergone a major rebuild after several years of development. Unfortunately, many players are reporting some issues. Especially Aim, which feels 'inactive' and 'floating' compared to the original version, which ultimately hinders play comfort a bit.

Luckily, there are some settings you can make to fix this problem, such as specific controller settings for bugs that cause mouse and keyboard issues on your PC.

This is a quick guide on how to improve your aim in Overwatch 2 with many tweaks. You can experiment with this setting for greater playing comfort.

One Overwatch 2 player explained in detail how to get rid of this floating feeling. Reddit account owner McManus26 shared an informative post aimed at providing a solution for gamers who find Overwatch 2 too light compared to the original. In general, the term "float" or "float". Floating is used to represent unresponsive gameplay and controls.

The "OW2 feels weird and floats, can't aim like OW1" issue can be mostly fixed by changing a few settings. This is what you need to change in Overwatch 2 settings.

McManus26 recommends changing some settings that can reduce the feeling of floating. For gamers playing with PC controllers, McManus26 claims that aim smoothing affects the input, and suggests he set this setting to 0% in the options menu.

How to fix Aim Overwatch 2 on PC

  1. In Overwatch 2, press Esc.
  2. Select an option.
  3. Select the Video tab.
  4. Turn off the dynamic render scale.
  5. Enable NVIDIA Reflex.
  6. Select the Controls tab.
  7. Open the advanced settings of your controller.
  8. Disable aim smoothing. This setting is currently buggy and impacts mouse and keyboard performance.
  9. Select the Gameplay tab.
  10. Turn on the precision mouse input.
  11. Select the Accessibility tab.
  12. Set to reduce camera shake.
  13. Turn off HUD Shake.

For players using a mouse and keyboard, McManus26 states that the High Precision Mouse Input setting should be enabled. It's under the Gameplay tab in the Options menu and was enabled by default in the original Overwatch. Then turning off the dynamic render scale option also helps with aiming. This setup procedure improves accuracy. Sojourn Hero, for example, claims about 10%.

McManus26's tip seems to have helped, as multiple users reported that their Overwatch 2 gameplay experience improved thanks to this change. However, others shared that they didn't feel much of a difference following the instructions. proposed to reduce the

These changes should make Aim in Overwatch 2 more comfortable for his PC users. Additionally, there are gamers debating how to increase aim in the console version of Overwatch 2 who seem to have the same issue.

So if you're playing Overwatch 2 on your console and have trouble aiming, try changing your settings.

How to fix Aim Overwatch 2 on the console

  1. In Overwatch 2, press the Menu button.
  2. Select an option.
  3. Select the Video tab.
  4. In Display Options, set Preferred Mode to Framerate.
  5. Select the Accessibility tab.
  6. Set to reduce camera shake.
  7. Turn off HUD Shake.

The most important change to make here is to set the display options mode to Framerate instead of Resolution. This pushes Overwatch 2 to prioritize fluidity over visual dedication, making shots sharper and more responsive.

In other words, a guide or a guide to adjusting settings so your shot doesn't float or float. Good luck and enjoy the game. Don't forget to share if this guide helps your friends!

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