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Tips for Good at Playing Leomod Jungler Mobile Legends

Leomord is one of the fighter heroes recently used as a jungler due to his ability to gain buffs. Leomord passively gets a buff to his skills, making attacks even more deadly.

For those of you who want to learn how to use Leomord's hero as his jungler, here We have tips for playing his Leomod jungler in Mobile Legends. Want to know how to play? Just read this article to the end!

Tips for Good at Playing Leomod Jungler Mobile Legends

If you don't have Leomord heroes, you can refill and buy Mobile Legends diamonds first. But if you already have one, Leomord can help you get started with some of the following tips right away.

1. Choose the Right Jungler Items

When using Leomod as a Jungler, you must first select the appropriate Jungler item.

As you know, when using Leomod as a Jungler, you need to use the appropriate Jungler items.

There are many types of jungler items that you can use, but the important thing is that you need to tailor them to the enemies you face and build your items afterward.

2. Focus on agriculture first

If you use Leomod as a jungler, you should focus on farming first. Of course, the goal is to be able to quickly level up and buy items.

Rotation is also mandatory. In addition to speeding up, it also farms, so it can also be used to help teammates in need.

3. Obligation to secure purpose

As we know, a jungler's primary job is to secure all objectives: forest monsters, including turtles and lords.

So secure all existing goals. Completing all objectives greatly increases your chances of winning the game.

4. Aim for easy opponents

When there's a war or team fight, it's very important to target heroes that are easy to kill, such as mage heroes or opposing marksman heroes.

One thing to know is that Leomod has a passive skill that makes his attacks more deadly when facing enemies with less than 50% of his HP. Therefore, it is important to choose heroes that are easy to defeat.

5. Use the right Leomord Jungler build

To use Leomod as Jungler, you also need to use a special Leomod build for Jungle. Proper build of Leomod Jungler

Using it makes Leomod's attacks more painful and easier to farm.

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