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Tips and Tricks Skill, Ability, Playstyle Winston Overwatch 2

Winston, Overwatch's iconic tank, is even more interesting in Overwatch 2. Advice from a veteran makes King Kong's character powerful and fun.

winston overwatch 2

Few heroes experience their ups and downs like Winston. By the time the two heroes could play together, Winston's two tanks became his OP his alias rather than a force. Then, when this was removed, in META 6 v 6, Winston plummeted to the bottom of the tank his hero ladder. So where do you stand in Overwatch 2?

The good news is he's the only tank available in Overwatch 2. This means that each team needs its one bumper its hero. Winston is ideal because of its high mobility. It's also great for matches that feel like deathmatches if players know how to use them.


Winston is a simple tank with a shield that has moderate damage and long jumps. Granted, it doesn't top the list of best tanks because it doesn't have lethal abilities... But Winston covered this with utility.

Winston allows players to score points quickly, cause a lot of chaos, and escape safely. With a large dome-shaped shield, Winston can protect the entire team without being around. Winston is also effective as a hero countering certain enemies and can annihilate teams with his ultimate skill on the map.

Winston Abilities

tesla cannon

Electric frontal cone gun.

Players new to Overwatch will enjoy Winston's simple and effective primary weapon. This weapon has no secondary fire and doesn't hit particularly hard, but aiming directly at the target isn't all that important as it penetrates shields and automatically targets enemies in front of it.

barrier projector

Deploy a protective energy dome.

The dome shield is just below your feet. Place it on a target or companion to aid your entire team, or throw one after jumping into battle to block all enemy fire to this area unless the enemy moves.

jump pack

Jump forward and land to deal damage to enemy areas.

Winston's mobility certainly allows him to move well enough in big jumps, but the cooldown is too long to use it to land in combat and use it to escape again. The damage isn't all that great. can be an effective last hit against enemies defending outside the Tesla Canon.

Primal Rage

Although his health is greatly increased, Winston can only jump and punch.

Winston becomes nearly invulnerable (even if he was at Death's Door before) and can suddenly swing enemies around to knock them back. On maps with cliffs, this move can blow many players away. It's also great for last-minute defense when the enemy is moving into a point. Winston could have defeated them easily.

Winston Overwatch 2 Tips and Tricks

In a 5v5 scheme, Winston can take more shots, giving him plenty of survivability for jumping, shielding, havoc, and jumping backward. Save the second jump and escape. Because a good tanker is one that can survive every battle.

Choose momentum to use the ultimate ability (ulti). Most other characters are eager to use their ultimates to get the most out of them, but Winston is effective at times. Save when your health is low or later in the game to keep enemies away from your targets. please.

Finally, try to aim at the rear, not the tank. Winston's aim is to cause chaos behind the scenes. Other tanks, on the other hand, were more effective at aiming head-on. Winston doesn't need to get kills. You just need a distraction so your team can be more effective.

combo heroes


One of his best support his heroes, Zenyatta is a healer who doesn't have to be in a perilous position like Winston's role as a tanker. Zenyatta can throw a healing ball while jumping and throw it back while jumping.


Winston is a sniper favorite, forcing frontline turns and threatening unobstructed headshots. Hanzo is very effective as his ultimate is hard to aim, but Winston can hit targets in flight.


The game has been reduced to just his one tank, so anyone who can help with tanking is welcome. Brigitte was a rare front-line supporter, so she was able to help Winston wreak havoc. You can survive longer by borrowing


The Backline DPS unit is good friends with Winston. This hero doesn't often have the luxury of shields, but he can give them one, which greatly increases Genji's defense and increases his chances of defeating his opponents.


With the ability to escape, this hero is perfect for Winston. He may not throw punches, but the Reaper does. Either Winston or Reaper will sabotage the back line, or easily escape if the plan works, leaving both alive and ready for the next round.

advantage and counter

Winston's Pros and Cons

Stationary unit heroes like Torbjorn and Symmetra hit back hard as Winston jumps, blocks them with his shield, and destroys them with his Tesla Cannon. Without running away, Zenyatta is also quite vulnerable when Winston approaches. Finally, Winston's attack penetrated shields, so Reinhardt was unable to protect his team from Winston's damage.

Players such as D.Va and Doomfist who can ram their opponents in dangerous directions cause problems for Winston as they can get out of the shield. Mercy is too slippery and can heal damage taken. Sombra is probably the hardest counter for Winston. If he hacks once when landing, Winston may not survive the battle.

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