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Tips and Tricks for Ashe Combo Hero and Advantages & Counters Overwatch 2

Of all the DPS heroes in Overwatch 2, Ashe is one of the best at finding synergy with the rest of her team. Dynamite Her skill doesn't have a wide range of effects, but the short cooldown allows Ashe to use it often, and Reinhardt's Graviton can be combined with Zarya using her Surge or Charge skills. Similarly, B. Ana's Nanohis boost is very effective in turning Ash's Omnic his Battler from just a distraction into a killing machine.

One of the most important things for him to learn as a new Ash player is how to set up his reload Viper, a unique system in Overwatch 2. A magazine for every occasion. 

Tips and Tricks for Ashe Combo Hero and Advantages & Counters Overwatch 2

Getting distracted by her DPS hero on the flanks or hitting a wounded tank hero can mean the difference between life and death if he gets two bullets in the chamber or three.

combo heroes

Ash + Genji

Ashe works well with flanking mobile DPS such as Tracer and Sombra, but her Genji is the best DPS partner. Genji's climbing skills and agility allow him to threaten Ash's deadliest heroes, Widowmaker and Hanzo. or the tank may turn around, making it easier for Ashe to shoot.

Ash + Junker Queen

The Junker Queen is an ideal tank to accompany Ash due to its skill and playstyle synergy. The Junker Queen is an aggressive tank, pushing forward at close range to make the most of its Carnage, Shotgun, and Rampage. This creates the same mess as Genji in the backline and opens up space for Ash to do damage.

Ash + Ana

Ana is a great support as Ash's partner and her hero. Mostly thanks to her nano boost her ultimate. Accurate with her DPS hero and hits can, Ash can deal tons of damage from any distance when buffed by Ana's nano-her boost. Additionally, Ana's unique role as a Sniper and her support allows her to heal Ash even when the DPS is high or at long range.

Ash + Mercy

Another her ash + support her combo that utilizes accuracy and long-range damage Caduceus Her Mercy Staff increases Viper damage from her skills by 30%. This boost allows Ashe to achieve her 200 HP with a single headshot of hers, allowing her to kill most heroes in the game and she fully charged Widowmaker with her single shot. increase.

Ash + Bridget

Ashe and Brigitte may not pair up often, but they work surprisingly well together. First, Brigitte's close-range focus and off-tank nature allow her to distract the enemy team and leave Ash free to shoot. Secondly, her Rally and Inspire skills can be used on her B.O.B., allowing Ultimate Ashe to keep fighting for the entire duration, even if the enemy team tries to destroy her.

advantage and counter

An accurate long-range DPS hero with a hit-can weapon, Ashe is great against heroes who rely on close quarters and flight into the air. He is effectively a good counter to Pharah and can shoot heroes flying from the air with relative ease. 

When it comes to melee-type heroes, Ashe hits Junkrat and Torbjorn from out of range and can easily take down Torbjorn's turrets with his ADS shots.

Ashe not only excels as her DPS her hero, but she's also great against multiple supports who don't have mobility like Zenyatta. Ash was also able to evade tanks like Reinhardt. 

Reinhardt's formidable barrier field can be countered by throwing dynamite above or below it to detonate it in one shot. This hurts not only Reinhardt, but all allies using the shield as cover.

Ash struggles against heroes like Widowmaker and Hanzo, who can surround themselves and who excel in speed. Widowmaker in particular is one of the most difficult counters for Ash. 

Additionally, there's Tracer and Sombra, who have effective flanking and gang-king abilities so they can flank team members and quickly distract Ash, especially if she retreats into a firing position.

And highly maneuverable tanks like the prove deadly for Ashe, as they can track and hunt her even at high altitudes. Additionally, can withstand knockback from Ash's coach gun, so it's better to keep your distance and stay close to your team!

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