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This Roamer Hero Fits Perfectly with the Current Mobile Legends Meta

You should know that this wanderer hero fits perfectly into the current Mobile Legends meta. You can pick him and automatically win in the ranks.

Among the many Romar his heroes in Mobile Legends, he is one that really fits the current game meta.

Certainly all heroes are suitable depending on the hero but in our opinion this one hero of him should be chosen as a rumer as it fits the current meta very well his hero .

Who is this hero and why does he fit so well into his current Mobile Legends meta?


she's angela Angela is a very suitable hero to play as a Wanderer in her current Mobile Legends meta.

We know that the average jungler hero used in the current meta is a hero with a melee attack type (melee attack).

Not to mention that even in the current meta, every marksman hero is accompanied by a Drifter from early to mid-game.

Angela herself is very useful for marksmen in the early to mid-game due to her high healing ability. Also, if hit by her opponent, she does a fair amount of damage.

Not to mention that Angela can easily help the junglers on her team by using her ultimate to invade her body.

Of course, it gives your team's jungler a thick defense and infinite healing from Angela herself.

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