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This Overpowered Hero Currently has the Highest Win Rate in Mobile Legends

You should know that this op hero has the highest win rate of all Mobile Legends heroes to date. who is this hero?

He has one unique thing in the current Mobile Legends scene. Popular heroes in Mobile Legends usually have solid op abilities that will give your team an easy victory.

But the truth is this one hero, despite his mediocre popularity, is status as the most win-percent hero in Mobile Legends.


Not Gusion, Lesley, or Martis, but the op hero with the highest win rate in Mobile Legends comes from the resurgent support/fighter hero. Who is he?

This hero is Kaja. This support/fighter hero has a very high win rate among all other Mobile Legends heroes.

Even his famous Ops Gusion and Lesley in the current meta have a marginal win rate, well below Kaja.

Apart from that, Kaja himself is one of the perfect heroes in Mobile Legends he can play different roles.

Kaja Jungler is still very popular and played effectively these days, and Mythic and above players use this meta a lot, which is quite surprising.

Imagine Kaja being a counter for any hero played as a jungler and guaranteed that other jungler heroes would have a hard time facing Kaja. I can do it.

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