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Do You Still Ban Wanwan Frequently? Just Ban 3 Heroes OVERPOWER Mobile Legends

Do you still exhaust women? These three of her op heroes from Mobile Legends should be banned because they really deserve a ban compared to women.

The average Mobile Legends player frequently bans women when playing Mobile Her Legend ranks. Although this is not very effective.

Considering that Wan Wan himself has been nerfed and there are many counter-heroes, there is no need to be afraid to fight her.

So instead of banning a woman, it would be better to ban these three Mobile Legends op heroes of hers.


First, we have Martis. This particular hero really should be banned. The first ban is mandatory for her Martis if the team can't get her first-pick hero.

The reason is clear. Martis' high damage and resistance skills make him a terrifying specter for all mobile her legend players when fighting him.


Since getting the revamp, Faramis has surfaced and quickly became a player choice and ban subscription.

She's the only reason. Faramis ability to give all teammates his 1 Blood bar is the main reason he has to be banned.


Yep, there's Valentina at the end. This is the one mage her hero really needs banning status compared to other heroes, especially Wan Wan.

Valentina's 2nd and 1st skills do a lot of damage, but what she fears the most is her ability to copy the opponent's ultimate.

As such, she feels that if an enemy chooses her Valentina, she's fighting the heroes of her own team. As such, she recommends banning this hero.

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